Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Farah El-Jayyousi, Muslim, University of Missouri Student, Feels 'Unsafe'

Farah El-Jayyousi feels unsafe.

No, not because she might lose her genitalia (if she hasn't already, of course; FGM is very popular in backwards African countries and Middle-Eastern cultures prone to hate-driven religious practices, e.g. the 50 Shades of Islam). I don't know Farah El-Jayyousi's history; I could care less, really.

Farah El-Jayyousi doesn't feel unsafe because she might be beheaded, or stoned, or have her hands cut off (unless she goes to, oh, say, Saudi Arabia or Syria or Iran or Iraq and runs afoul of an Imam or an Ayatollah for committing some small woman-offense, such as driving or walking without a male protector, or speaking out against a male Islamist she might cross).

Farah El-Jayyousi does live, for now, in the USA, and attends the University of Missouri, after all. That's privileged, ma'am. Nothing will happen to her there, at least not what happens to female Muslims worldwide.

Why does Farah El-Jayyousi feel 'unsafe' in America, in the USA? While living on the privileged and protected campus of the University of Minnesota?

Because they want to screen "American Sniper" in 'her' college theater.
Chris Kyle's Awards and Decorations

You know, American Sniper, that Oscar-Winning, highest-grossing film of 2015, so far. That film. The story of Navy Seal and American Hero Chris Kyle.

Because "American Sniper" Chris Kyle shot and killed at least 160 Muslims we were warring against, in Iraq, where they needed shooting and killing. To stop them from killing Americans, or from setting off IEDs that might harm or kill Americans, or fellow Iraquis. Farah El-Jayyousi feels 'unsafe' because of a movie.

Chris Kyle was highly decorated for doing his job, as you can see..

Farah El-Jayyousi feels 'unsafe' at the very mention of his name; certainly she can't abide having the story of his life being shown in her college's theater.

How many medals and accolades do you think she'll earn in her lifetime, I wonder ?

Not near as many as Ayaan Hirsi Ali has accumulated, I'll warrant. 

Bibi Netanyahu Wins Big: Israel's Election Not Swayed Despite White House Efforts

Someone in the White House isn't happy. In fact, I'll wager that very few Democrats are happy right now.

A veritable sea of morose, blue faces.

Iran's Valerie Jarrett hardest hit.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

About that Muhammad the 'Prophet' fellow...

He certainly was a sick, sad, crazy, puppy, this "Muhammad - Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim (ابو القاسم محمد ابن عبد الله ابن عبد المطلب ابن هاشم) the Prophet" character. Billions and billions of people, influenced, badly. A wellspring of hatred of non-believers in his My-Way-or-Die, his personalized, ruinous Highway to Heaven.

Does anyone think the real God, AKA Allah, would do anything but spit him out for what he's arranged in His name?

What's the world's chance of getting fundamental reform of this political party masquerading as a religion, Islam, anytime soon? I mean, before some future generations of humans are forced to exorcise the demon the hard way?

You want a Prophet?

I'll show you a more better Prophet, Muslims. Here's a Prophet, Islam. You should hearken to what she has to say..

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks Truth
Aayan Hirsi Ali certainly speaks truer words than that crazy man-who-tried-to-make-himself-as-equal-to-God Muhammad ever spoke, wrote, or had tattooed to his miniature male organ.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ahhh, Ronald Klain, you certainly are a cunning man!

Meet our newest CZAR
Barack Obama's EBOLA CZAR Ronald Klain

Jake Tapper CNN: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
Huffington Post: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
The Federalist: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
Wall Street Journal: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
Noah Rothman: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
New York Daily News: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
Ann Althouse: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
Daily KOS: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
neo-neocon: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
Tyler Durden: Ron Klain is a cunning man.
ABC News: Ron Klain is a cunning man.

So, there you have it. Ron Klain @RonaldKlain certainly is a cunning man.

Just like his Boss, Barack Obama!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Paging President EBola. Your Legacy is Here.

Well. That was fast, Mr. President! Just off the heels of your big surprise!, ISIS ISIL IS ISLAM takes over half the Middle East whilst you slept. Here we find you yet again asleep at the wheel.

But the ISIS failure was to be expected; Democrats always screw up foreign policy. That's a given.

But failure to contain EBOLA? Allowing an incurable disease to be all Coming to America? How could you fall asleep at the wheel yet again? Are you the most incompetent President the USA has ever suffered?

Just two weeks ago, Mr. Obama, you spake thusly:
First and foremost, I want the American people to know that our experts, here at the CDC and across our government, agree that the chances of an Ebola outbreak here in the United States are extremely low. We’ve been taking the necessary precautions, including working with countries in West Africa to increase screening at airports so that someone with the virus doesn’t get on a plane for the United States.

In the unlikely event that someone with Ebola does reach our shores, we’ve taken new measures so that we’re prepared here at home. We’re working to help flight crews identify people who are sick, and more labs across our country now have the capacity to quickly test for the virus. We’re working with hospitals to make sure that they are prepared, and to ensure that our doctors, our nurses and our medical staff are trained, are ready, and are able to deal with a possible case safely.
Lots of words, zero deeds to back 'em up.

We elected a 'Community Organizer' speech-maker, a little man with a big mouth who can drizzle words out faster than an Ebola patient's diarrhea stream; words that melt the brains of his uneducated rabble. But put those words to deeds? He just can't do it.

Who do you think will be applauding an Ebola outbreak in America?

NOT the Koch Bros...
News of Dr. Pianka's views broke when scientist and author Forrest Mims published a March 31 article in The Citizen Scientist. In that article Mims said, "I watched in amazement as a few hundred members of the Texas Academy of Science rose to their feet and gave a standing ovation to a speech that enthusiastically advocated the elimination of 90 percent of Earth's population by airborne Ebola."

On March 31, Dr. Pianka spoke to students and parents at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. "A University of Texas professor says the Earth would be better off with 90 percent of the human population dead," ...

"Every one of you who gets to survive has to bury nine"
That's not President Obama. It's more liken to Al Gore and his merry band of environmentalist radicals, the "Climate Change" crowd, who are to the very last one misanthropes, who think we would be better off if only someone or something would cull back the human race.

If Dr. Pianka, Al Gore, and other environmental radicals could get their way; and if Ebola mutates to spread by air, then a cull is likely a done deal.

And I'd not be surprised to see these groups of 'Mother Earth First' radicals doing their best to keep Ebola alive, and if they could, they'd certainly help Ebola mutate to airborne.

Tick Tock..

Ask Siri...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hi, Betty! #StopRush Stalker is UGLY UPDATED

I posted an update on the #StopRush ugly fuglies last night.

Later, I had a skunk peering in my window, stinking to high heaven!

Stalking is not very nice, Betty. Two can play this game.

(Hey, Betty! Can you imagine what you would look like emerging from GOATSE? Ask one of your litter-box buddies what that is, and why it is considered unpleasant!)

Heh. That was fun!

Moar, please!

UPDATED: Removed the offending dox, I see. Well done!

Someone throw Bowen a bone.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Rush Limbaugh Releases Stop Rush's MMFA Troll's Names

I've posted several blogs about the Media Matters for America-funded group of illiberals who, under guise of anonymity, attack Rush's advertisers in machine-gun fashion, while pretending to be "concerned citizens who just happened to decide to mention offhandedly that Rush Limbaugh sometimes says things he shouldn't say". Of course they are liars; what else can the Left offer to counter Rush's truths but lies and underhanded attacks?

My Stop Rush posts to date..
4/30/2012 - Twitter 'Hit List' - Melissa K. Brewer's hateful  hit list of people she hates, because she's that way. More on Melissa K. Brewer, here, here, and here, by RS McCain, a pro at this sort of thing.
Also, a good piece on Melissa K. Brewer by Donald Douglas at American Power.
5/11/2012 - # STOP RUSH ! Nothing substantive here, just a few visual motivators.
6/17/2012 - The Official Stop Rush Slideshow - various and sundry visual things that live in my Stop Rush Photobucket folder.
5/25/2012 - A SHINING STAR! to Democrats: Convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin - my first mention, I think, of Matt Edelstein AKA "Shoq", one of the early consiglieres running Stop Rush day-to-day, along with Melissa Brewer and others. Kimberlin and Edelstein are equally vehement in their rages. One blew up a speedway; the other, a good bit of his Twitter relationships with fellow crazed leftists. "Abusive and vile" will be Shoq's legacy. More on Shoq's rage here.
6/25/2012 - Deconstructing the SHOQ Takedown - Harold M. Edelstein Flies Again
- Heh. "Somewhere, Andrew Breitbart is laughing, laughing, laughing at this angry little pussy." 
7/12/2012 In Which I Respond to @Karioli's fainting-couch squeals of RAGE! Another minor Stop Rush player, a cog in the machine. I believe she was right under Shoq. The couch, hardest hit.
12/19/12 - StopRush: an Update UPDATED! 2/11/13 After Shoqelstein quit (or was forced out), another left-radical stepped in: "Denver Union Guy", Richard Myers, a Union Thug and anarchist who hated capitalism. Unfortunately DUG died, long before he could do any real damage to Rush. DUG's passing saddened many, myself included, because he was the last intelligent operative running the show. He was quickly replaced by one far-less worthy, 'Proglegs', a Daily KOS doofus who barely warranted attention. Nothing to see there anymore; I, for the most part, lost interest.
2/19/2013 Angelo Carusone, MMFA's Radical VP, Getting Sued by The Donald! - not sure what became of that. But it had to cost MMFA a pile of money.
4/28/13 StopRush: Unrepentant Liberal Fascists Dying in their Bathrooms More on DUG and 'proglegs'. What a way to go, then be replaced by a moron..
Wait...Obama hasn't replaced Eric "Heinrich" Holder yet. But whomever his replacement turns out to be, like 'proglegs' replacing DUG, it won't be the same level. And that's a good thing!

Truth being, these Liberal Fascists are anything but random citizens: they are a well-organized group of paid MMFA staffers who hate that Rush Limbaugh is so effective at speaking against their far-Left causes. And spanking their tales. And, yes, shining a light on things the Democrats (and some elitist Republicans) would rather be left in the dark.

The butt-hurt, it hurts them, yes it does!

So, right after little Angelo Carusone ran his @StopBeck character out of gas, he created and sat on @StopRush. Then along came the Sandra Fluke incident, wherein the politically-groomed Georgetown lawyer 'student' was termed a slut by Rush on-air, causing enough backlash that MMFA - Angelo Carusone launched his #StopRush character assassination campaign on Twitter.

The timing is critical to understand: Carusone was already an employee of Media Matters for America.  He had run the @StopBeck campaign, that forced FOX news to sideline Glenn Beck.

MMFA is a Leftist money-recycling operation that uses a 501(c)(3) tax exemption to take tax-free monies donated by wealthy Democrats (and piles of cash from George Soros), then funnels that "dark money" out to all sorts of subversive radical groups like Carusone's Stop Rush. This is how otherwise pretend-to-be-above-board Democrats get away with paying for political hacks to do their dirty deeds, in this iteration, funding spam - harassment attacks on businesses that advertise on Rush's show.

Media Matters liked Angelo Carusone so much, they promoted him to Executive Vice President at first opportunity. Angelo was the only tool they had that made a surface scratch on Rush Limbaugh: a weasel-faced little douchenozzle with no other marketable talents.

Not much of a scratch. Rush Limbaugh is obviously still around, annoying the hell out of these far-Leftists (and injuring some of the GOP elitists who deserve infamy as well...later, I promise!).

After two years of failing to Stop Rush, this little core group of paid ankle-biting MMFA grubs had to be getting tired, worn-out and frazzled. Every day they had to get up, feed the cats, run their Twitter and Facebook sock puppets, re-tweet every co-conspirator's tweets, mindful that they must keep their multiple accounts running smoothly without overlap so's Twitter wouldn't notice any overt sock puppetry (HA! as if Twitter cares! Twitter aided and abetted #StopRush right from the start. After all, Twitter Management is sympathetic to what MMFA represents: Left-Wing polity, of the Republic-destroying kind).

Then, just this week, the DCCC took Rush's words regarding the flap over the NFL's women-beating, mangled them in a puppy blender, and came out with a supposed 'quote' that even some upright Democrats (there's very few of those!) found despicable. But the DCCC ran with it anyway, sending out letters for fundraising based on the so-called 'quote' that was a lie. Stop Rush was ecstatic; they ramped up their operation to coincide with DCCC's fundraising.

 That's when Rush dropped the hammer...

The Hidden Story Behind Stop Rush

The Rush Limbaugh Show Exposes the Stop Rush Conspiracy

September 23, 2014- The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s newest email spam, asking their recipients to sign a petition calling for sponsors to end their relationship with The Rush Limbaugh Show, is based on the two-year-old Stop Rush political protest as it’s inspiration. After an investigation, The Rush Limbaugh Show has discovered a far darker story to Stop Rush, and is today releasing the hidden story of the people and motives behind the Stop Rush conspiracy.

The Stop Rush group claims to be made up of ordinary consumers unhappy with Rush Limbaugh’s comments. The group claims to be “grassroots,” just concerned consumers who won’t shop at businesses that advertise with Rush Limbaugh. In truth, however, there are no potential customers here, just a small number of hardcore political activists founded by Angelo Carusone, EVP of Media Matters for America.

It’s remarkably tiny. Only 10 Twitter users account for almost 70% of all StopRush tweets to advertisers, amplified by illicit software. In addition, almost every communication from a StopRush activist originates from outside the State of the advertiser. Thus, these activists are not and never would have been customers… their only role is to harass small businesses in an attempt to interfere with their operations, as long as they are advertising with Rush.

“A small number of politically motivated out of-state activists are distributing target lists indiscriminately, and annoying small businesses until they give up the advertising deals that help them grow, or risk being unable to conduct business at all. It’s not even activism… it’s blackmail,” according to Brian Glicklich, Rush Limbaugh Show spokesperson.

How does this small group make themselves look so much bigger than they actually are? Stop Rush has deployed custom automated tweeting software, in violation of Twitter’s rules, that lets their activists send tweets at a rate far faster than any unassisted person could do manually. They send barrages of thousands of messages through this software until advertisers are bullied and harassed into cancellation.

These activists have long operated in secret and anonymously. But now, The Rush Limbaugh Show has the results of an investigation that names the people tweeting, facebooking, and emailing small businesses with harassing and bullying messages over and over until they surrender. These names are surprising, and include a tenured professor at Kent State University using her official email account to badger advertisers.

Meet The Top Members of The Stop Rush Conspiracy

This list was developed so that advertisers and others can judge the credibility and motives of the activist bullies anonymously behind Stop Rush. Any other use is not endorsed.

Name: Matthew Mitchell
Location: Altamonte Springs, FL
ID: Captain Murdock/@CaptMurdock

Name: Nancy Padak
Location: Kent State University
Fun Fact: Emails advertisers with harassment from her official Kent State email address. Gives businesses she has no relationship with 1 star ratings if they advertise on Rush. Friend of Cherie Richards

Name: Jason Rey
Location: Georgia
ID: Frantic Quark/@FranticQuark

Name: Lauren Reynolds
Location: Los Angeles, CA
ID: Lauren Reynolds/@chloesty,,
Fun Fact: Gives businesses she has no relationship with 1 star ratings if they advertise on Rush

Name: Cherie Richards
Location: Powell, Ohio
ID: Kitty Fitzgerald/@KittyFitz50,
Fun Fact: Regularly changes online identity to hide anonymously, gives businesses she has no relationship with 1 star ratings if they advertise on Rush

Name: Sarah Smyea Rivers
Location: Whittier, CA
ID: SueBryce/ @eurekasue49
Fun Fact: Changes ID frequently with different numbers to remain anonymous, has sent over 96,000 tweets

Name: Dennis William Rohner
Location: Gainesville, FL
ID: Shawtoo@Shawtoo

Name: Linda Kotsenburg Swanholm
Location: Covina, CA
ID: CMMorgan/ @socallks,
Fun Fact: Develops, administers, and distributes target lists indiscriminately, gives businesses she has no relationship with 1 star ratings if they advertise on Rush

Name: Carol Kernahan Wallin
Location: Anaheim, CA
ID: Uses @Flushfools and @hrhprincess,,
Fun Fact: Writes for DailyKos under both identities, long bullying/harassing pieces about political opponents.
Good for Rush. Let's see if some good, grinding, mauling lawyers can get busy; sue Sue and all the rest.

At this point, a little lawfare by our side is needed. If Brett Kimberlin and his crew can get away with it, why not the good guys?

I'm anxiously awaiting the squeals of rage when these are dragged into various court rooms. "Why, we're just volunteers!" "We've never heard of Media Matters!" "We were paid just enough to buy cat food and cat litter!" "At this point, what does it matter? Rush is still going strong!"

Yes, he is. And that is victory enough, really.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thad Cochran, the GOP - RNC, and Losing More Slowly

Thad Cochran represents exactly what's wrong the GOP - RNC: they are an elitist thug-group, willing members of the Ruling Class, who seek only their own reinstatement to power regardless of what the majority of Republicans want.

What we grass-roots Republicans WANT is CHANGE from being shoved farther-Left every cycle. We've been pushed steadily Leftwards for the last 40 years.

The only coalesced group of Americans who are demanding a CHANGE in direction, and offer solid push-back against Leftists of all stripes, are those despised by both the mainstream RNC - GOP and the Democrats, the so-called TEA Party.

These RNC - GOP Ruling Class elitists will settle for "Losing More Slowly", that is, allowing these fundamentally-lost (and I'm willing to term them un-American, given their stature in comparison to Americans past) Democrats to win by giving in to "Pragmatic" agreements that ratchet the Center ever Leftwards.

Then, leaving no time to weigh consequences, the Democrats come back with their practiced full-on tantrums (see: Barack Obama's ongoing Clown Show since his election), demanding even more movement Leftwards.

The Ruling Class RNC - GOP seems always willing to pragmatically give more ground, every time they're faced with a boisterous, loudmouthed, dedicated group of shouting Leftists. Without a group equally charged opposing these rabid dogs, we can't stop our Republic's Center from eroding. There's no pendulum left to swing back, to CHANGE direction, because the current RNC - GOP leadership isn't strong enough; and worse, they've adopted the habits of the Democrats. Having already 'arrived' in power and perks, the GOP - RNC leadership lacks desire to put in the effort it will take to CHANGE, or even strongly oppose, our Republic's fatal shift to Leftism.

It's past time we abandon this current lineup of GOP - RNC Ruling Class elitists. We can't stop this Republic from failing due to unsustainable fiscal policies and raunchy social squalor unless we STOP the GOP's willingness to allow this steady "Losing More Slowly" ratcheting-to-Left that we, the meek GOP VoteCash Cows are expected to unquestioningly fund with our votes and donations.

ABANDON the GOP. There's no other way to stem our slide, now that the GOP - RNC pulls stunts like they did in the Mississippi Senate runoff, reinstating the senile, tottering old RINO Thad Cochran by showing how easy they too can play the Democrats' games when the need arises.

We must STOP the Leftward-March of the GOP - RNC - the Democrats, or we will implode this Republic in a coming struggle like no one alive has ever seen before.

GOP, RNC, the Democrats, John McCain, Bob Corker, Ruling Class, Losing More Slowly, ABANDON THE GOP

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

760 Illegal 'Children' Dumped in Tennessee by ORR

The ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement, whaaa? Obama's Dump Truck) just dumped 760 kiddos in Tennessee, all quiet like.

TN’s Gov. Haslam (R, GOP Elitist) has submitted the standardized-form questions to Barky..
1. What was the process for determining that these children should be released to sponsors in Tennessee?
2. How did you locate and evaluate the fitness of their sponsors?
3. What medical screenings were the children given prior to their release in Tennessee?
4. What is the official immigration status of these children and their sponsors?
5. In what localities are these children now residing?
6. What are the legal requirements concerning the provision of services for these children while they are in the state?
7. What additional information is available on these children, such as age and health status?
8. How long will these children be in Tennessee?

Tennessee is a diverse and welcoming state, and we also understand that this is a complicated issue. However, an influx of unaccompanied immigrant children to the state, with little information being made available to the public or to state leaders, creates confusion and could be very problematic. The start of school is approaching for many districts across the state, and the federal government’s actions have caused great uncertainty around this issue.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to receiving a response to these urgent questions.

Sincerely, Bill [Pablum] Haslam
There’s more coming, regardless Haslam’s meek letter.

How I’d like to trade him for Texas Governor Rick Perry!..
“Obama, you ne0-C0mmie fink, I’m sending MY National Guard to the Texas border to keep YOUR hoodlums OUT!
Sincerely Fuck Off, Rick [My Ballz are Bigger'n Yours] Perry


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