Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Floyd Reese surfaces; defends his high draft pick of Pac (hmmm, Floyd, isn't that why you're out of a job?)

Floyd Reese wasn't re-signed as GM of the Titans, after 13 seasons. I posted on his broken pieces in January.

From today's Pravda:
Former Titans General Manager Floyd Reese, an in-studio guest on ESPN's NFL Live on Tuesday, said the team did its homework on cornerback Pacman Jones.

Jones, who attended West Virginia, was Tennessee's first-round draft pick in 2005 and the No. 6 pick overall.
OK, Floyd, at the time you picked Pac, he had already taken a pool cue up side somebody's head, and if you look at the WV Mountaineer's 2004 Penalty Stats, you see they were 3rd worst in the NCAA...wanna bet much of those penalty yards were Pac's?

There's reams of information on Pac's troubles; you can read up on him everywhere. Here's a good open letter to Pac, and another with a list of his problems/rapsheet (nothing much on them about the Georgia stuff; it's hard to keep up with all of it!)

As of Feb. 24, some wag put up a "Dump Pac" Blog, with a Petition (no one's found it, I guess, there are no signatures).

A man in Franklin threatened Pac with a knife, and was busted. I wonder if Pac was scared? Probably not; some people just can't evaluate reality without the 'me first' attitude. Pac strikes me as a 'me firster, to hell with the rest of the f*ckin' world' else can his behavior be explained?

So, we're waiting for the results of the (postponed) trial in Georgia. Pac is sending his agents/lawyers to try to get the doors open down at the Coliseum, where's he's been locked out of workouts.

We even had a convicted Drug dealer worried about Pac!
"We gotta slow down, man. We gotta get him focused on football, man. He's focused on too much other s****,"
"You know, I was talkin' to him the other day about smokin', and he was like ‘man, if I didn't smoke I couldn't take all the stress that I'm dealing with right now,'
it gets better:
"Fisher's being as patient as a m*****f***** as he can. Fisher gotta win. Fisher trying to win...He ain't putting up with that s***,"
You know, if your drug dealer is worried about you, then it's high time to get serious....
"He gotta concentrate on season...that ******* drug test coming up..." "...We telling him he needed 33 days before he took his ******* test; dry-out, and he didn't...that's let me know right there that he ain't taking his ****** job serious."
Floyd, if you say you did your job to the best of your ability, and you missed all of this, then it's a good thing you're out of the league. And I'll bet all the polishin' in the world isn't going to make your resumé any prettier.
"I would love to get back in the NFL," Reese said. "I ended up as the third winningest GM in the league. You'd like to think you have something to offer people, but that is their decision."
Based on your decision to draft Pac, Floyd, I'll bet a house payment that 'their decision' will be to let you least for a couple of seasons.

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