Thursday, June 28, 2007

Iowahawk's Hoosegow Honeys

Iowahawk's redefined the concept of 'beauty' pageantry, bringing the elements of 'caged and dangerous' to the steel runways. Bad Girls, all, and they may well be locked up soon (again, for some) and one of them needs your vote!

Even Paris Hilton made this cut (of course I have her jail pic ready...)

Of course, I like Heather, with the enigmatic smile (how could someone who looks so innocent and pure be guilty of anything?) Now, Jennifer and Amanda may well define 'bad girl': independent, tough-minded, and capable of cutting your...well, go over there and pick your own honey.

Wanna bet Paris doesn't win this contest?

I can't escape even this much fun without a serious note: Here in America, we have the freedoms to engage in such pursuits as pageantries, and we're all quite fond of the freedoms young women have to engage in frolics and enlightened (or not so much enlightened, if it lands them in jail) choices.

Not the case in Islamo-facist lands. This ebook written by Hirsi Ali tells the story of Muslim women who are threatened, killed or mutilated if they dare to distress the mullahs...
"The Caged Virgin is a call to arms for the emancipation of women from a brutal religious and cultural oppression and from an outdated cult of virginity."

Go read the thing, if you haven't already.

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