Thursday, June 07, 2007

Leftists Eat one of their Own...Brittney Falls to an Idiot Moonbat

One of the two local WKRN Aggregate bloggers (who've taken a lot of fire, lately) was taken out by some dipwad leftist anal pore named 'JC Christian' (who, ironically enough, was nailed to a cross by everyone, leftists included). If you're curious, and haven't paid attention (like me until about 11:00 PM last night) pick up the story from Uncle here. Brittney's blogging will continue.

I, of course, had never heard of the 'JC Christian' blogger-fool before last night. Just another typical lib whom I avoid like the plague that he is...'JC Christain', keep yo' stinkin' no-understandin' loose-cannonibalizin' self in whatever backwater dumpster hovel you post out of, probably mom's basement...Nashville doesn't need your 'attention'.

Anyways, Brittney, we hope you come back. After all, you're our leftist...


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