Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mt. Doom of Skyscrapers: Over 13K Feet, up to 1M inhabitants, and we're gonna need more than one...

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How about this for a skyscraper
? Solar powered, environmentally controlled from base to full height (at 4,000 meters, over two miles high, you've climbed high enough for altitude hypoxia to set in) and housing up to one million souls...where else but in Tokyo Harbor?

The X-Seed 4000 hasn't yet left the drawing boards...something about the $900 Billion price tag.

I had a difficult time when I lived in compartments apartments. I didn't have enough room to spread out. I can't imagine living in a structure that large, dependent on the outside world for food (unless it was outside this world, orbiting at the Lagrange points?)

Not a bad idea, but unworkable.

Get thee into orbit...

H/T Hot Air
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