Thursday, September 13, 2007

Condemnation Mounts for Democrat's Attacks on Petraeus

We've all seen the George Soros organization's ('s) full-page advertisement that ran in the New York Times on 9/10/07.

There's much condemnation to go around for something that wrong, including the Times herself for subsidizing the hit-piece ad, at much less than market value. (whom I do not read or link) has pulled their page (not in shame, I'll warrant, but in response to unnamed Democratic politicians who won't publicly denounce the ad, but definitely got on their shoe phones and lit up some private leftist asses.)

I wanted to post some remarks from Arizona Senator John Kyle, who has no compunction against speaking truth to mad-dog Democratic Bush Haters:
"It's repugnant, but unfortunately not surprising, to see launch this despicable ad campaign against General Petraeus.

"The Senate had absolute confidence in General Petraeus when it unanimously confirmed him earlier this year. Because of organizations like and its affiliations with the leftist, liberal wing of the Democratic Party, the question arises whether this ad represents the stance of all Democrats.

"If not, it is time for the Democratic leadership to announce whether it stands with or whether it stands behind the general Democrats unanimously confirmed - and his military strategy - to carry out our mission in Iraq...

"We're beginning to see real, measurable progress in Iraq since the increased troop levels earlier this year, and despite this fact, has chosen to engage in slanderous and partisan personal attacks on the commander of our troops on the ground. Because seems unable to contest the facts, it has instead chosen to attack the messenger because it doesn't like the message.

"I can't imagine any act more despicable than personally attacking our troops. I call on all of my colleagues, Democrats and Republicans alike, to repudiate and any organization that launch personal and slanderous attacks on our brave men and women who've laid down their lives to protect our nation."
No matter how much Vile and Venom the BDS-enthralled will spew against Bush, they should stand back and allow General Petraeus to conduct operations as he sees fit. And not condemn for reporting accurately the results of his Surge.

After all, remember, in January, the US Senate voted overwhelmingly for confirmation of Lieutenant General David Petraeus to be General and Commander, Multi-National Forces-Iraq. Even the bloodshot red eyes of Ted Kennedy saw well enough to support him.

We see that the Democratss have put all of their political eggs in the failure-in-Iraq, surrender-at-all-costs basket, and now that it seems that thing are going much better, those Democrats who turned mightily to the left (at the whim of KOS, DU,, and all the other nutroots and moonbats who suffer BDS) might actually have to back off of their prior leftist stances. And look bad. Something politicians hate to do (some carry that desire to 'look good 'to a physically sickening point, see Makeup Boy John Edwards...some we wish would try to improve their public looks...the aforementioned Ted Kennedy needs a makeover!)

No, it's much easier for Democrats to take the same man they supported in January and all of a sudden turn him into an mad dog war criminal, than to admit they were wrong.

So, which time were they wrong, in their overwhelming support and vote for Petraeus in January, or in this political about-face they are demonstrating now, in their attack of General Petraeus?


Answer: the time and instance that allows them to further their BDS. Surprised you had to ask.

And, Thank You General Petraeus for your dedication and service to our country, in the face of fire from the enemy, both here at home and in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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