Saturday, September 15, 2007

'Get Fuzzy': Isn't that a Democrat?

If you can suspend belief for moment to consider that that an unidentified "spineless, blue, slow-moving slime-layer-leaving" bit of wasted unidentified biota could be seen as a Liberal Progressive supporter of things contrary to societal well-being, then here's your comic strip. Bucky Katt gets the treat of his choice.

Darby Conley isn't known for over-the-top political controversy, but he did manage to annoy a lot of Pittsburg residents when he alluded Pittsburgh was a real reeker. But that was just a minor town. This might get some more attention from the 'slug' side of the aisle...

Just look at this strip as...balance. And I've alway wanted to say this: Doonesbury, kiss my ass!

h/t Barking Moonbat

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