Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Heather's Shooting Academy...EAAcorp (Friday Photo...)

The folks at EAA knew how to attract a crowd at the NRA Convention.

I've a t-shirt and this poster.

Note the autograph.

Explanation to my wife? Well, Serr8d who?


This post inspired by Cowboy Blob's creating of "National Cheesecake Gun pRon Day". Or "National Gun Safety Day".

I think I've got both covered right here...

In Heather's grasp (note the correct finger placement)
The "Gold Team" pistol is the signature model of 1999, 2002, 2005 IPSC World Champion Eric Grauffel. Every "Gold Team" pistol is carefully hand built by Tanfoglio's master gunsmiths. Special features of the "Gold Team" are an 8 hole ported, match grade polygonal rifled barrel, 3 chamber compensator, lightened slide, single action trigger with over travel stop, square trigger guard, checkered front and back strap, extended beavertail, ambidextrous custom shop safety, hart hammer, custom shop magazine release, extend magazine well for speed reloading, and one piece aluminum grips. The full length dust cover frame is drilled and tapped to allow the use of various styles of optic mounts. Standard features include:

* Competition Ready "Out of the Box"
* 12 Hole Ported Polygonal Barrel
* 2 Chamber Compensator
* Full Length Dust Cover
* Optics Ready - Drilled and Tapped
* 9mm, .38 Super, .40 SW & .45 ACP
* MSRP $1,879

Cheesecake. yep.

This makes up for last Friday's lack of a Friday Photo. Is it a true photo, you ask? I'll tell you what, you try to take a picture of a flat poster and make it come out right.

This episode involved two photos ('upper' Heather and 'lower' Heather); both first adjusted for size then color level using my old Photoshop 6.0. Oh, the shots required me to bounce the flash off of a white ceiling to avoid any hotspot glare. The two monster photos (6X4 @ 576 dpi) were stitched together using the Canon Photostitch program that came bundled with my camera.

Then the GIMP was called into play to change the perspective (since I couldn't very well shoot straight down, blocking the bounced flash, now could I?). Finally the whole image was adjusted again for color balance. And to the small sizes you see here.

Oh, the top pic was uploaded to Blogger (click to embiggen). I used the Gimp's 'softglow' filter for that nice effect. The lower image is fed directly from the my Photobucket account, without the softglow filter effect but adding the thin frame.

In all, none of that was near as much fun as actually conversing with Heather at the show.

For some other pics of Heather, see my earlier NRA Convention post.

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