Saturday, July 12, 2008

DAILY KOS commentors trash Tony Snow (did we expect anything different, given that they are 'Progressives' ?)

Jeff Goldstein alerts us to the not-so-hidden inner thoughts of the people who drive the engine of progressivism, by way of comments posted on that wonderful island of tolerance and compassion, the award-winning and much-celebrated Daily KOS.

Jeff compiled quite a list of comments celebrating the unfortunate death of Tony Snow. Tony died yesterday, of colon cancer. A compassionate human KOS diarist (not so many of those) posted a tribute to Tony, but other 'Progressives' were quick to spout their true feelings.

Just a quick sample, a few KOS comments on that tribute thread. Many more at Protein Wisdom...
HIs death sucks? (0+ / 0-)

If only his cancer was contagious and the thugs he worked for caught it, it would have saved the suffering of actual innocent people. He was part of the mafia that took over this country and frankly, I’m glad he’s dead.
It is indeed hard to lose a loved one. But I can’t even muster any good thoughts to send his family and friends.

Here is a man who could of used his power and talents to help people, to better the world. And he didn’t — in fact he did the complete opposite. He was a liar, we all know what the consequences of those lies have been and will continue to be until God knows when.

I am not sad he’s gone. Sorry if that’s offensive to anyone. I’ll save my sorrow for those who suffered because of the lies Mr. Snow pertetuated.

There is a certain irony in him being killed by his own rotten ass.

Snow was a shit head piece of FOX NEWS lying crap. He and the rest of BushCo need to be jailed.

That anyone here would dare praise him is beyond an insult to Progressive Democrats like me.

F**k Tony Snow, early & often (3+ / 3-)

He’s in the deepest corner of Hell right now, bent over next to Joe Goebbels, with Satan’s forked dick way up in his rotten cancerous colon.

Enough of that.

Since Jeff's post, KOS pulled the plug on this diarist, but not before this exposure. Jeff's given permission to disseminate his post, so here are his thoughts...
" Make no mistake. These are people whose self-proclaimed compassion extends only to those who agree with them — or at least have manners enough to pretend to — and this includes a willingness to turn en masse on one of their own, as the Kos diarist responsible for trying to cast Snow in a more “human” light is finding out today.

"The rest of us are their mortal enemies, and our deaths are to be celebrated, and even embroidered with colorful fantasies about finding ourselves deep in hell, where we’ll be eternally cornholed by the forked cock of Satan.

"To vote these people into power by way of their representative proxies is to ensure that we move more and more toward a totalitarian society in which “hate speech” comes to mean anything not sanctioned by those who legislate themselves into the position of moral arbitrators.

"All I want to do is tend my garden. But if it comes down to it, I’ll use my weed whacker to defend the perimeter.

"Bet on it."
Not so much left to say, but RIP Tony Snow, and condolences to your family.

You progressives, it's time for some meditation. Because those KOS comments are yours, and your mindset. Whether you admit it or not.

Own it.

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