Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ted's final speech; M'chelle's poignant tear; and, Zombie reports riot in Denver's City Center

From text messages sent to Charles Johnson...
"Riot in civic center still happening. Moved south. I got pepper sprayed. Currently trapped with anarchists..."Received at 6:50 pm PST:

"Trapped with several hundred rioters ... no way out ... 100s of police have us encircled. Possible arrest looming."

"Tried to talk my way through police lines. No dice. Likely will be here all night or be arrested. Healthy except for a little pepper spray in eye."UPDATE at 8/25/08 7:36:38 pm:

"I escaped..."
Zombie, a photoblogger known for his wild 'n' crazy pics from San Francisco, is embedded in Denver courtesy Pajamas Media. No one knows what he looks like; probably resembles the left-wing long-hairs he's blending with. I hear there's a price on his head.

M'chelle's speech (liveblogged by commenters at PW) came after Ted Kennedy "drown{ed} the media coverage of fear and loathing between Hillary and Obama in a tidal wave of Absolute Moral Authority". Heh.

From B Moe, the bestest of the comments...
That speech reminded me of an anarchist chick I was trying to fuck once. She was all into Crime and Punishment and wanted me to read it. I did and told her I thought it was a damn good book, she said she loved most of it but was pissed Dostoevsky sold out at the end to Christianity. She thought the little murderer was completely justified, Christianity sucked, and the ending completely ruined the book.

I kind of felt the same way about Michelle’s speech. She gave this great personal responsibility speech about hard work and dedication and devotion to family and working for your dreams and not accepting failure… and then ends it with a giant paean to Populism and the Nannystate.

Cognitive dissonance is these folks natural state I suppose.
I missed the speech. M'chelle isn't on my list of top female vocalists.

Anyways, Michelle Malkin (the REAL Michelle, not the one with the "single poignant tear of patriotic pride") had it covered correctly, at 3:21 PM ET anyways...why bother?

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