Thursday, September 17, 2009

Date Night with Charles Johnson

Sharmuta, is that really you??
(click to embiggen)

It's all over for Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs. His descent into madness is finally complete; finally, most mainstream bloggers realize that there's been something amiss at Little Green Footballs for years now.

Robert Stacy McCain's put Charles in his place. You'll have to read his post. Warning...there's ruthlessness involved. Savory ruthlessness, it's what's for dinner.

(Oh, and remind yourself not to ever get on the wrong side of RSM!)

UPDATE: I'd forgotten this. Date night with James Wolcott.


  1. Poor guy (CJ) gets worse off every day.

    Oh, do you know who Andrew Sullivan is? I'm thinking of changing this pshop, Andrew Sullivan's bareback tattoo from James Wolcott to Charles Johnson. Since Andrew Sullivan linked CJ the other day, they are definitely togetherly cruisin'.

    ...but this is all over your head I think. Do you know anything about Andrew Sullivan's history of barebackery? Here. Read that, get back to me.

  2. (Ace changed the date of that post to 2005! Actually it was posted Sept. 17, 2008. About a year ago. When Sully was busy bashing Sarah Palin. My pshop came well after that, though...)

  3. Honestly, i have no idea who Charles Johnson is.

    And i'm also confused why you're linking me to gay porn? Sorry, i don't swing that way.


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