Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Joe Wilson calls President Obama a Liar during the Obama HealthCare Speech

That's nothing. I was calling him a liar throughout the speech. Joe Wilson just had the wherewithal to speak TRUTH to POWER! Finally, a Republican with some stones.

Joe Wilson, new Republican Hero. You go, Joe!

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Darleen Click has the hate and the threats screen captured. This will be a RIOT, I'm telling you! Leftist heads will asplode, hate will fill the air. It's like George Bush just came back and shat in their punchbowl.



Oh, and Obama is a liar.


  1. You're insane. I hope the 'death panels' get you.

  2. Whadya mean, 'future' boy? You're a boy-child right now. And you will probably always be a child, hoping for ObamaCare, cradle to grave sustenance.

    Get out of diapers! Take care of yourself, boy!

  3. Good for Joe. At least someone is calling it like it is. Most of us have already read the bill contrary to what most liberals in gov't think (I would bet most of them haven't read it). Obama is a liar and he got called it. About damn time.

  4. This is a media cover up, did Joe Wilson actually said "You Lie Boy"?

  5. Are you for real, Tineal? Of course he didn't say 'boy'. That was an invention of a left-wing blogger who said "But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!"

    In other words, this goofy biatch invented the word in her own alien mind, and projected it into the discourse. Then stupid people (ahem) came along, unable to research on their own, and believed it. Not that I'm saying any names or anything...

    Now, get out there and do the research. I gave you a hint. Oh, and it's posted on the New York Times (imagine that!).

    Google is your friend.


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