Monday, March 01, 2010

George Soros (Owner, Democrat Party; snake head of the worldwide neo-Leftist movement) is dissatisfied with Barack Obama.

Can't be good news for the Left when Uncle George and Move On dot Borg start to complain. Not a mere ankle biter; George Soros can gnaw Barack's testicles clean off, without having to wait on Jesse Jackson.

CNN’s Fareed Zakarias on his "GPS" introduces George Soros as a billionaire investor, financier, speculator, philanthropist and (!) thinker. You left out 'Premier Leftist and Democrat Party leash holder', Fareed.

ZAKARIA: "Are you satisfied with the job Barack Obama has done?"


Soros goes on to say BHO "made the political decision that that [nationalizing the banks] is un-American, will not be accepted."  BHO was right, George. Sorry. Start teh gnawing.

SOROS: "He is paying a very heavy price for actually saving the country from going into a very deep recession or a depression, because people don’t — haven’t experienced it"  Yeah, Georgie-porgie, most Americans are just loving the hopey-changey you helped finance, don'tcha know?

SOROS: "He wanted to be the great uniter and he wanted to carry the country, sort of bring it together. But the other side has absolutely no incentive to do it. So it takes two to tango. So that approach has failed." Yes, Rush said a year ago he hoped Obama's policies would fail. Not nearly enough failure for me, though. We needs more of it.

SOROS: "I hope that, actually, now, he’s [BHO's] taking the health care back to Congress and overcoming the filibuster — the 60 percent vote requirement," "I think that’s the right reaction. So he’s sort of taking a tough stance. And that may be the turning point. It depends on how he follows it up."

Yes, Soros, Baracky will do your bidding and ignore the will of the American people and JUMP! to be your slave. We will not be better off for it.

Figures. An ultra-rich hedge-fund manager who destroyed entire national economies can influence and direct his minions, who claim to hate the rich.


  1. Let's call him by his birth name -- born August 12, 1930 as György Schwartz. In reality, George Soros is a fictional name ... just as his fictional president, Barack H Obama II, whose name is also in question, from Barry Soetoro to the latest discovery of Barack Soebarkah which is from his mother's passport application documents. (You can web search this and find it.)

  2. Yeah, he's got plenty of names and has had gained plenty of knowledge from questionable sources and associations. But when you have an electorate who is so easily swayed by two amorphous one-syllable words HOPE and CHANGE, what do you expect? I blame the voters who voted for BHO; they got what they deserved.

  3. Indeed, Americans that voted for BHO should have done more homework. But a complicit media (probably also owned by György) surely didn't help the average American. People like you and me knew better. But at the end of the day, I wonder if had we not gotten BHO -- had it been McCain instead -- would the citizenry have awakened to the Constitution with a Tea Party movement the way it has? I'm of the belief that the Tea Party movement is NOT going away any time soon. Far too many intelligent people have become engaged to not see through the re-taking of America by it's citizens. I seriously doubt that would have been the case with a President McCain. God gave us what we needed ... even if we don't like it very much.

  4. That's certainly an interesting way to look at it. Refreshing, if it's possibly truth.

    We Tea Partyers have to avoid the traps that befell the two Big Parties: elitism and isolation from the voters. Term limits, I've always felt, are necessary evils. For both elected politicos and the entrenched bureaucracies.


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