Friday, March 04, 2011

Days of Deadlines: Happy Endings ? Don't hold your breath.

(1) Deadline: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will start sending layoff notices affecting some 1500 recalcitrant public-service workers today. There's really no choice in the matter: the Fleebagging 14, chickenshit Democrat senators who can't accept their minority status, are still hiding out in Illinois; the Wisconsin budget has to pass by law. What do these unionists and their supporters expect? If they want a happy ending, they are out of luck. Not gonna happen.

Better are options that would drag these self-righteous queens back to the capital to force a vote. They are already held in contempt, facing small fines and a see-and-detain order in force if they are seen in Wisconsin.

A new strategy might see the anti-union legislation voted in without needing the fleebaggers, using Wisconsin laws that are already on the books and don't require a three-fifths quorum. If that's what it takes, then so be it. It'd be more satisfying to see those 14 holdouts dragged into the chamber in handcuffs, though.

(2) Deadline: Judge Roger Vinson gives the Obama administration a week to file an expedited appeal to his ruling declaring ObamaCare unconstitutional. Since his initial ruling, the  BHO regime has continued implementation of his reckless plan, a bullet train running at full speed approaching a Wile E. Coyote painted tunnel...
Vinson goes right up to the edge of accusing the Obama administration of lying to the court [...]

Basically, this forces the Department of Justice to expedite the appeals process, which they were clearly hoping to avoid. The dilatory tactics that Vinson blasts in this ruling almost certainly won’t impress the appellate court, either. Furthermore, the order forces the Obama administration to fight on Vinson’s ruling first and now rather than wait for a more friendly set of rulings and hope to marginalize Vinson down the road.

The White House asked for a clarification. They got a trip to the woodshed instead, and a very short time frame to stop the halt to ObamaCare that Vinson’s ruling creates.
Take a plank to 'em. I'll bore the holes.

3) Deadline: The NFL. Owners did not lock out the players...yet. There's a 24-hour delay, for to further palaver as to the fate of the season...
With a 24-hour extension aimed at laying the foundation for another extension, mediator George Cohen has accomplished half the battle.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Cohen has persuaded the union to agree to a 7-to-10-day extension. Now, the league needs to consent to a pushing of the deadline back by a week or more.

The disclosure means that someone has violated the vow of silence, and in turn has placed public pressure on ownership to agree to the extension. At this point, it will be difficult if not impossible for the league to not agree to extend the deadline and implement a lockout as of 12:00 a.m. Saturday.

That said, Mort reports that “major differences” between the two sides remain.
Meh. A lockout at this juncture would be a relief. Let's see these players miss their offseason workouts, then show up at training camp looking like slugs. If there is a season this year, the first few games might look more like preseason games than the product we expect and deserve.


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