Sunday, April 17, 2011

Donald Trump is a chump. And a MOBY.

I've said before that the birthers are nothing more than flame-bait for BOTH sides; that questioning BHO's 'right' to assume the Presidency is a weak attack; that those who waste time with 'birther' attacks on a proven far-left neo-Communist who has a myriad of faults to choose from is counterproductive. That BHO was born of a radical mother married to a racist, communist father isn't his fault; his choices later in life ARE his fault and are open to scrutiny.

Donald Trump is not Presidential. I see him as a joke, a distraction, and not worthy of serious consideration. Mark Levin agrees, and rips Donald Trump to shreds...


Look how Chump operates. Caught red-handed now with his vicious attacks on George Bush, who most conservatives had issues with, he now says but for Bush there would have likely been no Obama. That may well be true. I have been a harsh critic of Bush's spending, including in my book. But Chump was calling Bush EVIL and demanded his IMPEACHMENT because of the Iraq war and in the middle of that war. He said Bush lied to get us into Iraq. His comments were vile and outrageous, not unlike the America-hating leftists who sought to undermine our armed forces there. Now he wants us to believe that his criticism of Bush was because Bush's poor record set the stage for Obama? Chump attacked Bush over Iraq because if you were a big-mouth, attention-seeking liberal, it was the thing to do. He had no altruistic or principled conservative motive for doing so at the time and expressed none.

As recently as last year, while conservatives and Tea Party activists were organizing and rallying against Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their radical agenda, Chump was helping to fund some of our opponents. He contributed to left-wing, Tea Party-hating menaces like Chuck Schumer, Anthony Weiner, and Harry Reid. What about his contributions to Charlie Crist, while Crist was running against Marco Rubio? Did he donate to any of the Tea Party candidates? Did he contribute to the Tea Party movement in any way, with time or money, before today? Why not?

Chump also praised Nancy Pelosi. He thought she was great. I played the audio. I guess he was just mistaken, again. He supported universal health care, but not any more, of course. He supported abortion and gay marriage, but that was then, this is now. He supported John Kerry for president in 2004, but that's because Bush was so evil. He leaned on government officials to use eminent domain against a little old lady whose home happened to be in the way of a parking lot he wanted to build for one of his casinos in Atlantic City, but he has always been for private property rights.

So now Chump rails against China and demands Obama's birth certificate and we are supposed to swoon over the man. But when asked about the Ryan budget, he turns stupid again -- he says Ryan should not take the lead on this, we need a bipartisan consensus to move forward? And with whom do we build this bipartisan consensus? Reid? Obama? Is Chump really this dumb, or is he, once again, trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing?

Chump is a phony and dissembling. He called a hastily organized press event this morning because I, and others, are on to him.

Today he is speaking at a local Tea Party rally. And why? Because now he wants our support, not because he supports us or our principles, or ever did. Chump is about Chump. And he thinks we're too stupid to notice. Are we?
The Trouble with Trump
Forget it, Trump. The GOP has enough trouble without your strange input. Go find someone to fire.

Start with your hairdresser.


  1. Ah, the spectacle of Trump. I love it.

    This is what happens, Serr8d, when a party decides that good governance is boring, and that they're locked in some kind of cartoon struggle against evil socialist governments, secret muslim conspiracies, and Satan himself. You end up with clown candidates who try to shout over one another to stand out. Sarah Palin changed the game for the worse -- serious men need not apply; we want an exciting maverick who hunts and preaches resistance against "the enemy."

    Palin was a cheap thrill, and now everyone has to bring that or else be branded "just another RINO in a suit." And aging attention whores like Trump sniff the wind and realize that they can play this game.

    Trump in 2008 would have been ludicrous; Trump in 2012 makes a screwy kind of sense.

    Remember, the deadline for 2012 candidates is coming soon. Your candidate will be one of the people that we're already talking about. Isn't that just a downer?

    I love it.

  2. When they elected that neo-Socialist, Cloward-Piven and Alinsky loving soft-Trotskyite in 2008, that just means the doors are forever blown down to the Office of President of Dumbfuckistan USA. We now have a doper moron with no clue about running things, with no policy except 'feed everybody, and give them whatever they want, as long as they vote DEMOCRAT!" who had two days of Senate experience and you leftards love him.

    I LMAO if Trump did whip his mangy ass.

  3. Wow. You know, the problem that most people seem to have with Obama is that he's not nearly liberal enough; people wanted him to nationalize the banks, punish Wall Street, and bring about a truly radical change to the American machine.

    He hasn't. He's been a pretty cautious centrist, and i've been pleased for the most part.

    It amazes me that you live in this pocket reality where dreadlocked hippies are streaming from Washington, distributing weed to children and opening communes. They've really done a number on you, man.

  4. Wow.... i think the right-wing media finally realized that this Trump thing is a real problem; with the Washington Post leading the charge, we've seen a sudden spate of "Trump must be stopped" articles in the last two days.

    He's actually WINNING in repub polls? What the heck is this?

    Don't worry, guys. He still has a month of news cycles until the filing deadline, and he'll be bored of this charade by then. I just read that his show "The Apprentice" had hit an all-time low in the ratings, which explains all of this. Once he gets his attention fix and bleats "i've decided that now is not the time," he'll be gone and you'll still have Romney.

    Romney. His turn, his time. Romney is the anti-Trump, and pretty much your last hope.

  5. Obama is marching to his own inner band. I think if you knew what he's really about, you'd be furious. At yourself, for voting for a guy when all you heard and knew was 'CHANGE!'.

    Reason enough, for young 'tards I suppose. After all, I voted for Carter.

  6. Krugman has a piece up on Trump; comparing him to Rush Limbaugh (ha!) and (wait for it) George Soros.

    Krugman has syphilitic-induced cranial dysfunction, I'm convinced of it.

  7. Wait, what? See, this is what i mean when i say that you can't match wits; we were talking about Trump, and then you blurt out some "LOL OBAMA SUXX" retardation from nowhere. Stay on topic, dude.

    Oh, so you know Obama's secret agenda, am i right? His hidden socialist Sharia plans? Please. You have nothing but a load of paranoid slop that the masters of right-wing reality have dumped in your brain.

    It's a fantasy.

    Back in the Bush era, some loony liberals did the same thing; they constructed this fantastic scenario where Bush was installed by shadowy powers as some sort of elite deal going all the way back to Prescott Bush and the Skull & Bones club at Yale; that Kerry, another member of the secret club, took a fall in 2004 as part of a gentleman's agreement... that Bush was the member of a "Dominion" cult of radical Christian billionaires intent on starting a worldwide holy war with Islam in order to kickstart the Apocalypse. Every time he spoke of Billy Graham or said the word "crusade," it was, gasp, evidence of the Dominionist conspiracy! They were utterly convinced that Bush was going to create a second 9-11, declare martial law, and cancel the elections in 2008 and declare himself President-in-Christ-for-Life...

    ...fantasy. Your blather about radical redistribution and Sharia law is more of the same. You can't understand how skewed your thought processes are, and it's... well, sad, but also kinda funny.

  8. Not at all funny. There's undeniable documentation proving BHO is a Radical in Chief. All you needs do is read Stanley Kurtz' book of the same title, with some sort of open mind.

    If you can't bother reading it, don't try to expound wiseassley on it's content, because you'll just come across as full of shit-and-jive caked-kaka.

    Nothing atypical about that, though.


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