Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE! (You can drop out now, Donald Trump, you idiot.)

I told all these idiot birthers all along that this was a blind alley; a wild goose chase. BHO held out just as long as he could, to snare as many idiots as possible, before releasing this COLB. Why not? He's snagged a huge prize: The Donald, who can now get his ass back to firing people on national TV.

Trump has no chance of getting nominated now. Thanks for that, BHO!

Actually, if you think about it, BHO should've waited just a bit longer; to try to trap some more foul fowl. But here it is.

One problem I can see: this COLB doesn't detail that BHO Sr. was a dirty socialist communist agitator, or that his young bride was a moon-eyed train wreck who just wanted to shame her hated father.

h/t Fox News


  1. What!

    Crap. I didn't have access to my radio last night, so this came as a shock. Obama, why? The tard frenzy was just building steam! Why end the party before people start puking on themselves?

    The sad thing is, this won't resolve anything with the birthers. They'll just look at it, shrug, and say "So? He's still a n*gger."

    Oh, well. It was almost worth it, just to hear Ralph Bristol try to desperately spin this.

    "This is just, ah, ah, ah, political gamesmanship! He's doing the sensible and adult thing because he wants to APPEAR as a sensible adult, and he wants the raving kooks to look like raving kooks! Pure flimflam is all that this is!"

    Yep, it's a good scam. For instance, i almost always show up at work 10-15 minutes early, because i want to fool people into thinking that i'm punctual. Back in school? I would cheat on tests by comprehending the material and committing it to memory.

    Bunch of blackguards, we are.

  2. Interesting to see you are the first person to use the 'n' word regarding BHO on this blog.

    And, 'blackguards'.

    Are you sure you are properly qualified to be a lefty? Oh, wait, that's right; LeftLibProggs are the REAL racists. They will use ethnic differences to try to separate people from each other; they keep 'plantations' where blacks and others are expected to stay; if they leave, they are no longer 'black' or 'ethnic' enough to be 'real'.

    Oh, and Trump is trying to declare 'victory'. Let's see how long that'll last.

  3. Mmmmmmnope. I'm just quotin' yer freeper buddies. Note that i added the * because i'm not comfortable typing it out, you bleachblood honkey cracker.

    Wait... my god! I too assumed that Trump was done for, but his supporters are now claiming victory - behold, Trump, a man so powerful that only HE was able to put an end to this long-standing issue! He MUST be the candidate now!

  4. You should not use other's ideas or word against me. It makes YOU look foolish, as I pointed out. I do my own words, and am solely responsible for them only, not for something you dig up somewhere else.

    Oh, and Trump is an idiot. I wish he was a Democrat, really.

  5. Look, all i was saying is that birthers are racist idiots. A lot of racists AND idiots happen to be teabaggers. That's just a fact of nature.

    If you said that the Left contained more than a few "lesbians" and "vegetarians," i would not dispute that. I would not cry "What? Outrageous, i am neither a lesbian nor a vegetarian, so there are none of those in my party, how dare you, sir!"

    You seem to think that the birthers are also idiots, so you should agree with me. Just admit to yourself that the reason they pursue this ludicrous issue is not just a.) they're just so opposed to Obama's policies, but because b.) they're racists.

    Admit reality. It's healthier.

  6. I reject the overused 'racist' label completely. Because it's too simple and easy for a moron of the Left (you, for example) to 'tag' someone as a racist just for convenience and out of sheer laziness.

    I think most people would oppose BHO if he were a she and if she were white (Hillary Clinton, for example).

    You've use the racist label so much that it is meaningless and no one will give it any attention anymore.

  7. Problem: There are a lot of racists in my party, particularly this Donald Trump guy who is embarrassing us all by screeching that the first black president can't have been born in this country and can't possibly have earned the grades to get himself admitted to Ivy League schools, because, hey, he's one of "the blacks."

    Solution: The word racist shouldn't exist any more.


  8. You're hung up on the race thing, to the exclusion of all else. All your argument is saying is, "Obama's BLACK, so he's deserving of EVERYTHING he's got and can bear NO CRITICISMS WHATSOEVER BECAUSE HE'S BLACK AND ME AND MY FELLOW LEFTLIBTARDS WILL CALL RAAAAACIST! IF ANYONE HAS THE STONES TO SAY A WORD ABOUT HIM!!11!1ELEVENTY!!".

    Well, guess what? Your blanket doesn't work anymore, Linus. Doesn't matter; BHO is a radical and deserves the criticism. Find a better shield, this one's splinted and shattered.


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