Monday, April 18, 2011

New York Times' Dr. Paul Krugman: "Let's Not Be Civil." Mkay, Paul, whatever you say.

The Old Gray Gal has blown a couple gaskets this morning. First, an editorial decrying the 'New Republican Landscape' that's desirous of cutting the nation's spending and restoring us to solvency. Then, Dr. Paul Krugman wants to suspend civility (!) to push full throttle against Paul Ryan's road map to salvage this nation from smoking ruin.

You know, these inconvenient airings of truth and the fixes that've enraged Democrats, the necessary Donkey Rinse of our Left - Proggressive friend's policies, wouldn't have to have happened if only their policies hadn't driven this nation to stunning levels of debt, with no easy means of reversing or actually paying for the debt (much less the accruing interest on the debt). Barack Obama's speech promoted an unworkable plan; Democrats will now push their frothing base to new extremes with the mantra-memes of TAX THE (Democrat-demonized 'evil') RICH! and CORPORATIONS! more, but with few spending cuts. Democrats have an implied promise to deliver more and more 'free lunches' to woo Democratic voters. Democrats have mastered the method: "Community Organize" and keep their existing mostly-moocher voters in thrall to their programs; demonize the 'evil rich' to pay 'their share' (and MORE!), and still demand more and more unworkable social programs that are now impossible to provide because their funding is seemingly derived from thin air; always programs 'for the CHILDREN!' or the aged, or the 'less fortunate', know the drill. Like children, these LeftLibProgg Democrats are getting ready to throw a tantrum, lead by none other than failed-Keynesian-policy-supporter-wank Dr. Paul Krugman and our President who seeks re-election.

Heh. Detroit, a Democratic stronghold, has had enough...

Detroit Moves Against Unions

Mayor and Schools Chief Leverage State Law to Force Change, Close Budget Gaps

Mr. Bobb, already an emergency financial manager for the struggling and shrinking public school system, is getting further authority under a measure signed into law March 17 that broadens state powers to intervene in the finances and governance of struggling municipalities and school districts. This could enable Mr. Bobb to void union contracts, sideline elected school-board members, close schools and authorize charter schools

Mr. Bobb, appointed in 2009 by Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and retained by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, pledged last week to use those powers to deal decisively with the district's $327 million shortfall and its educational deficiencies. Mr. Bobb raised the possibility of making unilateral changes to the collective-bargaining agreements signed with teachers less than two years ago.

He is also expected to target seniority rights that protect longtime teachers from layoffs and give them the ability to reject certain school placements.
Mr. Bobb, a Democrat, cutting away at unions. Why so honest, Mr. Bobb?

There is a monetary crisis, a debt crisis, that was caused by spending far too much money on these Democratic vote-getting programs; beginning with the New Deal and continuing on to LBJ's Great Society and, yes, even George Bush's prescription drug program. Great ideas and ideals, but there's no way to fund nirvana, folks, at least not to the level Democrats desire (that level being a level that gives them a 'winning voting margin'). A 'safety net' is fine; but we cannot afford to have a 'cocoon'.

Rep. Paul Ryan's road map to solvency is necessary to prevent the USA from following the Soviet Union to implosion and collapse; that 'reset button' event that none of us would like very much to happen. That event may still be in our near future despite the work the Tea Partiers are doing to stop or delay it. Especially likely to happen if the blue-blood elitist Republicans cave and allow more unchecked spending from the public coffers.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, or TANSTAAFL as Heinlein wrote it. We've saddled the output of this nation to pay interest on debt that's compounded to outrageous levels, and no amount of Left - Proggressive demonizing of the 'evil rich' for more and more taxes will cover the tab. We must have CHANGE.

We are broke and disgusted. Let's Tea Party!

Sarah Palin strikes at the heart of the Left:
Madison, Wisconsin, aka 'Berkeley on the Prairie'.

(afterword...I suggest, Dr. Paul Krugman, that you take a 'chill pill'. You don't really want to 'suspend civility'.  As if any of the Left has kept civility foremost, especially the Union Thug sorts. But if you insist, the Tea Party will be your huckleberry.  Word, Doc. )

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