Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Pakistanis, others, question bin Laden's death; and Credit is Due to Bush and Cheney

Not so many here in the US, but look no further than those hotbeds of already-strange religious beliefs (Pakistan and the other Islamic nations) to hear questions, denials, anger, and rage.

I can understand where they're coming from. They've had this hero, this 'Superman', who struck at the heart of the kuffar, killing thousands - which is OK for Islamicists if you are a 'good enough' Muslim and have read the Koran correctly; many clerics and Imams and other Islamic rage-zealots read and apply the Koran for purposes of mind-controlling lower beasts, and they've succeeded in capturing many simple, uneducated minds, turning them into easily-lead packs of dogs - and now, all of a sudden, some Navy Seals apply Kryptonite .223 to Usama's head? No way, they say! You are faking this! This is an elaborate Hollywood stage set, and our Usama is still in the hills, coming back to lead us again against the kuffar!

I know we got him. Just as I know George Bush did not strike against the World Trade Center on 9/11, and I know that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii, son of a dirty socialist and a confuzzled, raging mother. Just as I know that Scott Walker had never met the Koch brothers, and those Wisconsin Democrat Senator fleebaggers wound up with bedbug bites on their cowardly asses.

So, what should we have do to quell these 'deather' beliefs? There is no 'death certificate' that these Pakistanis and other Islamicists will believe. We did leave behind women and children, at that stinking compound; 9 children are now in Pakistani police custody. Maybe they know something of the man ignominiously shot in the head, carried off in a helicopter on a ride to parts unknown, and dumped in the drink as a treat for crabs. We have photos? Please! easily doctored, you know that. They won't believe those. We have DNA samples? So? Where's the body? Oh, you buried it according to Muslim customs, eh? So you say! Why would you do that, if this man you say you shot was OUR Usama, Usul, the base of our pillar of hatred against the Western devils?

We should have paraded his corpse around every world capital. Or, had a proper 'at-sea' burial, having invited and picked up a delegation of Islamabad's best: clerics, imams, the town 'mayor', some assorted butt-hurt Pakistani military leaders, carted them to the Carl Vinson and let them watch the Feeding of the Crabs. They could go back and swear to...what, exactly? That the guy was definitely Osama bin Laden? Or just a nice waxwork created in Hollywood?

Calling Joseph Heller, code-word Catch-22. This is an emergency.

Oh, this photo from the NYT (accompanying the best story I've seen: even the NYT has to acknowledge that the information we needed to run this SpecOp originated in Guantanamo, on waterboarding slabs (thanks!, Dick Cheney, George Bush, for making this all possible!).

Barack Hussein Obama deserves credit for allowing this SpecOp to go forward. He wasn't a coward like most Democrats; pulling the plug at the last minute (are you listening, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton?); he allowed this to happen. But it happened IN SPITE of his holding office, not BECAUSE he was in office. And, if he had kept to his promises to his LeftLibProgg base, none of this would have happened: because he lied to far-left Democrats, because he stayed the course set by George Bush and Dick Cheney and Karl Rove and kept Guantanamo open, kept a strong military operation going on in Afghanistan, we were FINALLY able to get this Osama bin Bastard.

Now, BHO'll do victory laps; trying to keep all the credit for himself, to boost his 2012 re-election bid. But we know who is really behind this happy outcome.

Becoming an instant 'military hero' doesn't change anything at all: BHO's dirty socialistic beliefs are still in place in his mind, and won't be going anywhere. I won't care that he allowed this outcome come November 2012, because by then, it'll be All About the Economy, Stupid. Gas prices are too high; the Misery Index, comprised of inflation and unemployment, all of that awaits this President come November 2012. Chickens waiting to come home to roost.

So take your laps, small(est) man.

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