Monday, June 06, 2011

"Army’s 101st Airborne Division Pays High Price for Afghan Surge Year"

They've lost more soldiers in the past year, 131, than since their deployment to Vietnam.

Afghanistan. Leave it now. We can always go back and nuke it later, if they don't behave.


  1. You should go back and find some of your entries from 2001, when Bush first launched this war.

    I'm going to guess that you were all pumped up on freedom juice, and were certain that it was going to take six months and be a glorious nonstop Amurican asskick party!

    ...and any wimpy libruls who didn't agree were just plain wrong. They don't want to go to Afghanistan because they LOVE TERRORISTS.

    Some librul back then probably told you to take another look in ten years. Turns out they were right, huh.

  2. I didn't get online much before 2006. The only 'blog' I visited in 2001 was Pro Football Talk Dot Com. I had dial up, and hated it. I was apolitical, too, except for 2nd Amendment concerns.

    But I did support President Bush's attack on Iraq, because Saddam Hussein was an evil man. Afghanistan is The Homeland, and can't be conquered. I've had misgivings about that place since the Soviets collapsed there (and they were much meaner than we are allowed to be).

    I don't support Democrats conducting wars, because they are pussies and always lose *cough* Vietnam *cough*.

  3. Ah, no electron trail. Convenient. 2006?

    Dude. That's... that's just kind of sad. Didn't the internet appear around 1995?

  4. I had better things to do than sit around rotting in a box, in front of a box, being bombarded with photons and electrons. Still do, as a matter of fact. Politically, I'm a late bloomer. I even voted for...(gasp!) Jimmah Carter in '76. And for Al Gore, before he became a crazed retarded leftist in '92, turning his back on his constituents. I helped mightily getting him defeated in Tennessee in 2000. Thanks to the NRA, his ass lost Tennessee, and he'll never be a President.

    After that election, all hell broke loose, the Democrats went crazy Left and became virulent, and had to be answered. Screw 'em with swordfishes, for their far-left leanings. They will not succeed in killing this Republic, or if they do, well, pity 'em.

    Sense it, do you? Our Republic, it's like a top, spinning on a glass table, spinning down, doomed to fall off the edge sooner or later.


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