Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This century's most heinous crime, perpetuated by Islam's 'best' cowardly suicidal terrorists; stalwart Muslims who were easily persuaded by mouthpieces of a religion that was written to persuade it's disciples to have these inherent hatreds, deadly hatreds, against all who won't share their beliefs.

The most vigorous prosecution against these so-call 'radical' Muslims should have come from 'peaceful' Muslims who were aghast that their Islam, their childhood religion, was even mentioned in the same breath as the terrorists who perpetrated this act. The association should have brought immediate shame and denouncement from every Mosque in the world. But, you know that didn't happen; instead, throughout the Islamic nations, from Mosques and the mouths of Imams, celebrations were held and these acts were condoned.

It is the fault of the Islamic power structure that's responsible for that lack of immediate condemnation. Mohammed, that false prophet who created the Muslim faith, was but a criminal liar and a disgusting human, even for that period. The Koran was written to enslave people to a clannish existence, and still works to enslave people to a clannish existence to this very day.

For Islam to become a peaceful religion (it's neither), for all Muslims to join the rest of humanity in peace and have harmonious relations with other faiths, there must be a bottom-up turnover and re-write of their most satanic verses. The Imams and Ayatollahs who do not agree to reform must be expunged from Islam, cast out like swine. Such a Reformation is centuries late, but can't be delayed for much longer.

Is there any movement toward this necessary Reformation of Islam? No, because the Koran was written in such a way as to keep that from happening. Any who try to do so risk death.

But Reform must happen. We must push for a worldwide reformation of Islam, or we'll just see these politico-religious, Muslim-performed-and-condoned terror acts happen again and again, sanctioned by the very so-called 'religion' that should, were it truly a Religion of Peace, be the strongest voice and force against them.

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