Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Arab Spring". Benghazi, Libya. Cairo, Egypt. Owner, Obama.

Yes, this is working out well, in'it.

United States Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and Foreign Service Information Management Officer, Sean Smith were killed by crazy Muslim Islamicists enraged over an unwatchable film produced in California, the trailer of which follows:

This film mocks Muhammad for being...Muhammad. The problem is not the film, but the easily-maddened adherents to that failed 'religion'.

But, Mr. Barack Obama does everything he possibly can to placate these sorts.

So, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, you built this. You own this.


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  1. That is exactly right.

    President Obama does not want blame for his failed Arab Spring. The crowd in Cairo was chanting: "Obama, Obama, there are still a billion Osamas!" If he is so concerned with the feelings of the middle east, why spike the football so much over killing Osama bin Laden?

    Mitt Romney did not cause this mess, it was murderous Islamic thugs that perceive Barack Obama as being weak and feckless.


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