Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Prophet", indeed.

A stupid, pathetic video didn't *cause* radical Islamicists to suddenly become murderous thugs. Because so, so many have always historically been easily swayed by radicals who always been murderous thugs, and will continue to be murderous thugs until Islam is reformed and gracefully exits the 6th century, joins the rest of the world in this 21st century. Just as Christians reformed their religion centuries ago. Do today's Christians storm walls and kill people when atheists and liberals produce their hateful works? Radical Christians, after 'Piss Christ' and 'Religulous', killed how many people? Burned how many buildings? Flew into how many skyscrapers?

For Obama to desire to muzzle and detain Americans, even a sloppy video producer no one has ever heard of before, won't stop radical murderous thugs from finding other ways to ignite easily-swayed people. They've a history of doing so. Recall 'Satanic Verses' author Salman Rusdie, and that artist who drew Muhammad with the fusible link? Should we stifle everybody's freedoms, especially in America where freedom hangs on by a thread, to suit these savages?

Oh, here's something from my old buddy Michael Shaw...a photo of four Egyptians who participated in storming the US Embassy. Interesting that all of them wear Occupy Wall Street Guy Fawkes masks, in'it? What's to make of it, asks Michael Shaw?

Here. My interpretation. For fun and for free!

Oh by the way, which one's Prophet?

Just a bunch of playahs, played by organized outfits that seek only to profit from their craziness. Without getting themselves all that dirty and dead, of course.

Just like Occupy Wall Street. Fools and 'tards, but with guns and rockets.

Watch out for drones!

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