Thursday, October 04, 2012

Barack Obama Suffers Denver Debate Shellacking!

Deservedly so. He's caused this little Republic enough economic pain and misery for the past four years. We've floundered and struggled, because of Obama's failed policy desires. We don't want any more years like these, sorry!

It's time to put Obama out, and put Americans back to work.

Watching him last night, I sensed that Barack Obama seems despondent; perhaps realizing, in the face of Mitt Romney's relentless barrage of truths, that he's truly a failure, and his time should be up. His inner Marxist is being revealed, as an onion's is whilst being peeled. The protective layers piled on by media sycophants and like-minded acolytes are shed, and we see the inner rotting core. We knew it was there all along, yes we did.

Couple debate-related links... Jeff Goldstein 'splains what is Obama's problem...
In short, Obama’s policies — whether you believe them intentionally designed to do so or not — are creating economic misery, just as sure as did Jimmy Carter’s, the major difference being Carter wasn’t manipulative enough to artificially keep interest rates so low.

Here's a Truth.

Romney’s policies, some conservative, some RINO / Democrat-lite, would certainly lead to a boom in growth, which in turn would, as it did under Reagan, lead to the creation of jobs and a renewed interest in US investment. We’d begin the process of driving down energy costs; and we can begin the very real hard work of tearing away all that bureaucratic legislation, which carries the force of unvoted-upon law, to reduce onerous and often obscene and absurd compliance costs. The administrative state was never meant to be it’s own branch of government. It needs to be severely pruned.
And what do we hear from the Left? BILE! Bilious and vile, directed at Lehrer and Romney and some lashing out at Barack Obama. Obama's good friend at the New York Times, Charles M. Blow, racialist, couldn't even find any RAAAAACIST! words to point to; instead, he used these words to describe Barack Obama's debate performance:
  • "anodyne"
  • "weak"
  • "mistake"
  • "failed"
  • "blunder"
  • "President Xanax"
Heh. Even left-leaning AARP denounced Barack Obama, for using their name in vain!

Oh, and "Big Bird"...

Big Birds seem quite unhappy. Shame, that!
The only 'attack' the Left has managed to trot out against Mitt Romney was his 'slight' of Big Bird. She does look quite unhappy, doesn't she?

Vote Obama (and Big Bird) OUT!

Good for Mitt Romney! Taking much wind out of the sails of the far-Left and their strategies for deconstructing this Republic! May they fail, and fail soundly, so we can survive and prosper!


  1. Obama's still going to win. Romeny won this debate by taking the opposite position of every issue. Suddenly he's not in favor of tax cuts, how magical.

  2. So, taking the 'opposite position' so confuzzeled Dear Leader that his performance was degrade to zero? So used is he to mindless people worshiping the ground upon which he strides, that any contrary opinions freeze his tiny brain?

    You can blame the complacent media, and his surrounding sycophants for his poor performance. Obama came prepared to face a creation that was wholly imaginary, a Mitt Romney that exists only in the minds of partisan hacks. What he found was a real, live, breathing and thinking human being who promptly proceeded to rip him to shreds.

    Obama is a showman, a prop, the front man for a far-Left culture that is destroying this Republic. You'll see soon enough what is real, and that nirvana can't be doled out by any Government.

  3. Obama had an off night, it's true. But Romney's victory is already fading as the press points out that he told one obvious lie after another. Mitt Romney proved yet again that he's the quantum candidate that appears differently depending on whom he's addressing. Long ago in Mass he claimed that he was an independent who supported abortion and gay rights and was not cool with Reagan. This year he became a severely conservative conservative who now believes in the opposite of everything he used to. And now that the primaries are over and he doesn't have to out-retard people like Bachmann and Cain, he's betraying everything he said just three months ago. Now, he's the guy who won't cut taxes, likes 99% of Obamacare, and will protect Medicare and SS instead of abolishing them. Face it, Romney is an empty suit who will say anything at any time to get elected. You guys used to know this and that's why you lobbied for anyone else to get the nomination. Anyone but Romney was your war cry. But now that your stuck with him you are deluding yourself into thinking that he's the next Reagan. This will continue until he loses in November. Then you'll like him no more than John McCain. Just wait a few months and see if I'm right. Remember that all it takes is for Obama to reconfigure his game for the New Romney and have one good debate performance for the narrative to change right back again. Something tells me that Millionaire Mitt is going to stumble bigtime in the town hall debate.

  4. Perhaps so, and if so then I will lead the charge to #AbandonTheGOP. What we need is staunch TEA Party control of this failing Republic. Democrats are now far-Left, unrecognizable to people like me. I voted for Jimmy Carter in '76, my first-time presidential vote, and for Al Gore, US Senator from Tennessee, twice; but changed to vote for Reagan twice and Bush 4 times, because the Democratic party was becoming unpalatable to watch as it was subsumed by the far-Left.

    Now that Party is indeed gone, closer to the ideology of Marx and Engels than to that the founding fathers.

    But both political parties are corrupt; indeed, "the entire political establishment class is corrupt". We have been lied to by every person in a position of power who wants but to retain that power for their own good over this Republic's.

    I shall vote against Barack Obama, not because I enjoy the company of Mitt Romney, but because I cannot stand the far-Left sinkhole that Barack Obama promises. Voting for Romney may truly be 'losing more slowly', but why jump in the maw of Hell itself when you've been offered at least some traction against it?


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