Saturday, October 27, 2012

Benghazi, Libya; Obama's Waterloo

Benghazi, Libya; Obama's Waterloo. This should bring him down, either by his losing the 2012 election or, if somehow he wins it, by impeachment soon thereafter.

Timeline as Art: collected Benghazi Tweets Oct. 26, 2012

There's plenty out there already on the what and the when, even some speculation as to the why Barack Obama's administration so spectacularly flubbed this elementary exercise in foreign policy: protecting our Embassy and staffers.

The entire world realizes what significance September 11 has; that Obama's administration ignored the warnings that al Qaeda was itching for a winnable attack on that day bespeaks an arrogance that is unacceptable. That Barack Obama watched the happenings real-time in his situation room, and denied any response that might have saved not only Ambassador Stevens but three other Americans, is unforgivable.

Then the attempts at cover-up: weeks of pointing at a minor-league, unwatchable, YouTube video. Then Barack Obama's 'fish-clasp' apology, and Joe Biden's remarks to Charles Woods, father of slain Navy Seal Tyrone Woods "did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?".

This man, Barack Obama, is unqualified for the position he holds. He is a poseur, a far-Left class warrior, an anti-Capitalist, and a man who needs be removed from power. 

And yes, Barack Obama, this election will reflect your failings in Benghazi, no matter how downtrodden you look whilst denying it.

If we are lucky, then enough Americans will respond to these truths that are coming out, and vote Barack Obama out of office in 10 days. Then, later, good people, historians and scholars, should come and study every little thing this man has done; document his history all the way back as far as can be studied, so that his rise and takeover of one the the most powerful positions on the planet cannot be repeated.

Barack Obama's ideology taints America right now; that taint is evidenced in the attitudes of many citizens who expect that they be given things they haven't earned and don't deserve; citizens who believe that their well-being is the responsibility of others, and that they can demand that others give them their happiness, and that Government can provide their well-being. That attitude is NOT American; these confused 'citizens' who believe that nonsense are in for some rude awakenings, because that Government-provided nirvana is neither achievable short-term nor sustainable long-term. We cannot be both free and nurtured; we must be independent and self-determining. Such is our birthright as Americans, and citizens who are responsible realize that.

We are a nation of proud people who value our freedoms over the encroachment of massive Government. That the Left desires a massive, nurturing Government is undeniable; that Barack Obama plays to the weaknesses of weak-minded citizens is undeniable. His defeat Tuesday week will be a testament to Americans who are real Americans. If he wins, then how can this little Republic survive it?


  1. If I could like this a thousand times, I would.

  2. Thanks!

    We'll know which direction this little Republic takes just days from now. Hopefully a new direction. Otherwise, we've got seriously nightmarish problems, including but not limited to the Federal fiscal cliff we're speeding towards.


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