Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What did I think of the second Obama - Romney debate? Glad you asked!

A few images that'll help you understand exactly what is my opinion of the matter.

Obama's NEW! TelePrompTer, released last night. He calls it the "CandyPrompTer", for whatever reason.

This next one I'll let you unpack on your own. Extra points if you can identify the source of the ObamaMomma pic!

Oh, and Joe Biden, spotted running off to his next trainwreck...



  1. How do you tell when a conservative loses a debate? They start shrieking about the referee and insulting the other guy's mother. Face the facts. Obama walked all over Romney like a cheap rug and as a result Romney's bounce from the first debate will be mostly erased. Unless Obama stumbles badly in the third one, he's likely got this thing wrapped up. And I doubt that he will. The Libya issue was seemingly Romney's trump card but Obama turned it on him expertly. What is Romney going to do in the debate when you consider that he has zero foreign policy experience? Obama killed Osama bin Laden. Romney has nothing.

  2. You're funny!

    Obama didn't 'walk' all over Romney, except in the minds of far-Left fanbois.

    Romney's actually pulled even farther in the current Gallup poll. Some on the Left say it's over for Obama.

    Libya is #NotOptimal, sez our little prezzidint-man. Not optimal after four US citizens, including two Navy SEALS and Ambassador Chris Stevens, murdered on 9/11; Stevens after having been raped. "Not Opitmal". That's the foreign policy experience you speak of? Completely ignoring the intelligence warnings, and the anniversary of 9/11?

    Barack Hussein Obama is just what we expected and predicted. Seems that his time in Office may well be up, and it's a good thing for this Republic!


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