Sunday, November 04, 2012

Aggrieved emails from OFA, Democrats 2012, Barack Obama hisself...

One thing I won't miss, after Barack Obama shuffles back to Chicago or remains in the White House, are the proliferation of begging, pleading, demanding, whipped-tail whiny-ass emails these sorry Democrats (including Barack Obama hisself and his chubby-arsed wife) are sending to my junk email account. There's never been a President who demeans himself down to the level this 'Community Organizer in Chief' does; to personally beg and plead for a few bucks from everyone he can reach.

He certainly knows how to reach potential supporters, but to reach out in order to help save a few Americans dying in Benghazi? he hasn't a clue.

Defeat Obama. Or, re-elect and impeach, I don't care. Either way, he's amply proven himself a complete and utter failure.

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  1. Don't worry man. After all, some on the left are saying that Obama is toast. surely some on the left can't be wrong. Ha ha ha.

    "If we don't elect Chris Christie, then Mitt Romney will be the nominee and we'll lose."

    I might have to start paying attention to Ann Coulter. The blonde scarecrow called this one years ago.


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