Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"An open call to gun-control advocates and gun supporters"

This post, written by Jeff Goldstein at protein wisdom, is likely the best I've read on the gun control debate. Jeff knows his stuff, and how to get his message across succinctly (boldings mine) ...
To those who have offered support for the announced attempt by Obama and the Congress to go full out for gun control — be they unprincipled and timid Republicans, liberty-snatching and opportunistic leftists, or even just mostly apolitical adults who’ve become so Oprahfied that they think with their syrupy hearts, that is, like children — here is your chance to venture out of your consensus circle and actually defend your position.

The text of the second amendment reads: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

And what the President wants to do — with many in Congress along with him — is infringe on the rights of the people. This is a political power grab, opportunism masquerading as compassion. And I defy gun control advocates to show me how this isn’t so.

An “assault weapon,” which is a military term defined militarily as “selective firearms (full auto-continuous, or burst fire plus auto-loading) of sub-caliber” [source: second amendment foundation] is already subject to onerous taxes, long wait times, and special approval for ownership — and is not the kinds of weapon, legally purchased, you ever see in spree killings. That is, they are under a de facto ban already to nearly everyone who legally owns other types of firearms.
Jeff continues, detailng the correct definition of an 'assault weapon', which is a military full-auto or three-shot-burst selective fire device. The 'black rifles' we purchase are sporting versions, sharing the same rounds; the diminutive .223, usually, that round sanctioned by the UN for not causing as much destruction to tissue. A more 'humane' bullet when compared to, say, the 30-06 Springfield, one of the most popular hunting cartridges available.

Jeff continues...
Yesterday on Facebook I carried on several “debates” simultaneously with the pro-gun control crowd. And what became readily apparent is that most of them knew not a thing about firearms — and those who did were simply interested in positioning themselves on what they perceived to be the “compassionate” side of the issue. These latter folks are easily recognizable because they tend to introduce themselves into the debate by way of asserting some appeal to authority — eg., “I’m a gun owner and an avid hunter and outdoorsman, but even I would tell you that no one needs an assault weapon” — as if his having purchased a gun of his choosing gives him the moral authority to determine what someone else might “need.”

But here’s the thing: the second amendment was intended to protect a natural right, the right to life, to self-preservation, to autonomy outside of the sphere of governmental molestation; and in fact, it is the right that protects all the other individual rights laid forth in the Bill of Rights. Hunting, someone needs to tell Joe Manchin and others, is incidental to the second amendment’s design and purpose — an activity made either easier or more enjoyable to some that comes as a result of the primary right itself, which is intended to keep the individual (and the nation) free and protected.

And it is absolute. “Shall not be infringed” being about as straightforward as it gets, legislatively speaking.
Precisely so. Seems our far-Left Democrats only want to 'seize the moment' to opportunistically ramrod a CHANGE to our Republic's structure. Bad enough that they've already made several terrible CHANGEs to our society (including the big one, ObamaCare).

Let's not further rip this Republic apart with yet another far-Left power grab. Move away from the stoked, heavily manufactured rage, move deliberately and see what can be done about whacked-out kids who needed to be committed to a mental health center long before they snapped.

We cannot allow some knee-jerk reactionary like Barack Obama and his collective of too-far-gone to far-Left Democrats to 'community organize' our rights out of existence, based on actions of a few crazy kids who didn't have the mental health care they needed. The orchestrated, coordinated 'three minute hates' happening on every slavish Obama Mainstream Media television network (eg. MSNBC, NBC) are custom made for an imperious authoritarian to use to manipulate and control his subjects. And he's gotten many of his followers to such a willing state of drone that using the word 'subject' is accurate and appropriate.

Yes, I'll give the Devil his due...Obama is just the type of person to perform and condone whatever machinations are necessary to push his misguided and anti-Constitutional ideology into place, to hell with whomever disagrees.

A damned shame many of the lighter-weight citizens (Jeff nails with "Oprahfied") of this faltering Republic chose so self-centered ("What can you do for ME?" "What's coming to ME?"), and poorly.

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