Thursday, December 20, 2012

God, Guns, and Cheap Whores

This, spotted at Bob Belvedere's Camp of the Saints.

I approve this message.

Bob Belvedere explains Speaker John Boehner as a cheap whore who gave in to Barack Obama's 'War on the Rich' by offering to raise taxes on millionaires. And became a 'quarter whore' (depression-era lingo there) by conjoining with the other House whore, Nancy Pelosi, in furthering her plan, that is essentially the plan Obama favors. Naturally and of course Barack Obama is both House whore's pimp.

The Camp of the Saints: John Boehner is a Cheap Whore

For me, the revelation that John Boehner is a cheap whore came because of an answer given to a question posed by Jeff Goldstein, who is most certainly not a cheap whore like John Boehner.

Jeff’s [who is not, like John Boehner, a cheap whore] question [links mine]:
Speaker Boehner has now signaled that he’s willing to consider gun control, raise taxes on “the rich”, and allow the President’s spending spree to continue with no cuts in sight.

Doesn’t that make the leadership of the Republican Party in the House, you know, Democrats?
The answer came in the Comments section of Jeff’s post and was provided by Ernst Schreiber, who, like Jeff, is not a cheap whore like John Boehner [links mine]:
Go read the rest.

I concur. Speaker John Boehner is, obviously, a cheap whore.

Can we have Eric Cantor installed as new Speaker soonest? He might not be as cheap a whore.

Or, he might. I've very little trust in any GOP politician nowadays.

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