Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stop Rush: an update UPDATED!

"Stop Rush", that far-Left hate organization created by Angelo Carusone (a gay 'lawyer' who either quit school or...whatever join "Media Matters For America", itself a far-Left hate organization, much like the "Southern Poverty Law Center") is still somewhat active.

But without a lot of *real* measurable success: Rush Limbaugh is still telling Americans who tune in to his daily show exactly what HE thinks, regardless of what Obama and his cartel of leftists PREFER Americans to hear and think.

I've poked a few sharp sticks into the various gasbags tweeting their lies and false ideological narratives from time to time; when the mood strikes me. And, I've created a few graphics illustrating the Stop Rush Klan's hatreds, their extremist ideologies, and their shallow, blatant hypocrisies.

Recently, one of their top sprockets died: a tweeter using the handle @DenverUnionGuy, Richard Myers of (he didn't lie this time!) Denver. Turns out this fellow was a 'Wobbly', an anti-Capitalist Anarchist!

Just the sort of far-Left fellow who gravitates to Stop Rush and Daily KOS (he published many Stop Rush diaries, as well as running the Stoprush dot net website after Matt Edelstein (@shoq) suffered self-inflicted damage (by psychologically abusing a much younger woman, @Vdaze, whom he was trying to bed; getting caught at abusing, denying it, trying to cover up his abusive stench much like a cat scratches at a pile on a hardwood floor).

No kidding, watching the antics and machinations of this entire Stop Rush Klan is better'n any reality TV show on the air! Duck Dynasty, meet Shoq Puppetry!

The poor gals tweeting day-after-day, week-after-week, do it for the money. There's about 4 or so paid 'volunteers' who each have several different sock puppet accounts

UPDATE: see these recent #StopRush hashtag RSS feed screenshots, detailing the massive RT and sock on these images for large images...

#StopRush's abusive, paid, users have learned how to game @Twitter, to avoid the consequences of violating Twitter's TOS. Terms of Service TOS rules forbid multiple unsolicited mentions, so, by using RT and sock accounts, these Stop Rush paid activists game Twitter's system in order to violate Terms of Service and harass, intimidate and annoy business accounts who've advertised on Limbaugh's radio show.

An example of one of the 'gals', disclosing a hidden sockpuppet account...

The 'Boop' gal in Athens, Georgia, is this one, now famous for allowing her typing fingers to override her fierce but tiny mind, and for once, to tell the actual truth!

Hang in there, Rush Limbaugh! It's gonna take a much bigger Klan of Dirty Socialists and neo-Commies than this bunch of losers can muster to bring you down!


UPDATE 2.11.13: 

Does Media Matters for America still warrant that 'Tax Exempt Status' they enjoy? As a non-profit, their partisanship must be kept at a dull roar. But new developments say otherwise.

Seems that the founder of hyperpartisan Stop Rush, Angelo Carusone, was recently promoted to VP of Media Matters for America.

Yeah, that's hyperpartisan as it can get! #StopRush on Twitter is now closely affiliated with the newest far-Left venture, #UniteBlue.

Looks like some of the cats at Media Matters realize this. We haven't see much of @StopRush or @GoAngelo (the same person) around lately. After the death of their resident Wobbly, one @proglegs emerged with a KOS diary, to take his place.

@Proglegs wasn't very sophisticated. His account was almost immediately suspended for Twitter TOS violations. )

From the KOS post's comments (no linky to those foul 'holes), this revealing comment by Herr Proglegs...

Whomever disagrees with any of these Liberal Fascists will be targeted. FOX News is already under attack (also by Media Matters for America). Glenn Beck suffered a minor setback. Who's next? Mark Levin? (he's a powerful attorney, my favorite radio talker, and these wusses are too scared to face off against him).

This is why it's important to oppose this Stop Rush astroturf agitprop campaign.

They lie when they say they are all 'volunteers'; they lie when they say they only oppose Rush Limbaugh for his so-called 'hate speech'; they lie when they say that their Twitter activities are legitimate.

Liars lie, and from top to bottom, Stop Rush LIES.

Oh, except for this revealing tweet, captured last May...

Don't be fooled: this Stop Rush campaign is a machine, created by far-Left haters and controllers; it's Vice President Angelo Carusone, paid by Media Matters for America; the so-called 'volunteers' are paid by proxy. I've no doubt that the money starts flowing from the topmost levels of the far-Left Democrat Party, possibly through Barack Obama's failed Communist nominee Van Jones. 

This Stop Rush campaign is pure Liberal Fascism.

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