Friday, January 18, 2013

Barack Obama, using kids as props ?

Whilst signing anti-Constitutional gun control 'Presidential' edicts? That's infuriating to all Americans. Except to his slobbery-lipped far-Left base, and the big media (but they ARE his base, sorry!).

He's got 3 kids; if he needs kids for props, let him use his own.


  1. LOL your girlfriend got you to watch Twilight and Titanic? How did she manage that? I'm smiling too because Mitt Romney has apparently gone to the same retirement bunker where Bush and Palin and hunkering down. Your failed leaders sure do vanish in the night, don't they. Funny how you guys were so stoked about Romney until about two months ago. Where is the Romney love.

  2. No, my daughter did. No girlfriends; my wife died late '11, and I'm not even considering. Quarter-century-plus married and that means I'm likely one-and-done. It's just not...there, the desire to get around and mingle. Still in shock, really.

    Romney never had my full support. Of course, given his opposition, he got it. Impulse power. It it had been Sarah Palin, there'd been much more interest. But our Ruling Class wouldn't choose to promote a mere citizen, now would the?

  3. Ahhh I'm really sorry to hear that. I will leave you alone with the politics then. if your daughter ties to get you to watch more Twilight movies, let her. They are hilarious and awful and lots of fun to mock and jeer.


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