Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why should any aspect of our Constitution be nullified by crazies?

We've a perfectly good Bill of Rights, that including ten fundamental Amendments that you just can't get anywhere else. Our Constitution, even the Bill of Rights, is under assault by agents of the far-Left, led by Mr. Obama, who can't wait to 'fundamentally CHANGE' our Republic to whatever it is he thinks is better. In his mind, we owe him his CHANGE.

He's now vigorously attacking the 2nd Amendment, Number Two in our Bill of Rights, and he's doing so because a few crazies got hold of guns. But, here's the thing...

I think we'll keep what's ours, Mr. Obama. No hard feelings, m'kay?

Go find you a nice club, play a game of golf. On us (again, and again).

It's the only sane thing you can do!

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