Sunday, February 24, 2013

Brooks Bayne in the Twitter Litter Box

For those of you who could care less what happens in the bowels of Twitter, move along. Here's a jump. Look beneath if you're able to follow along, because I'm not 'splaining much.

Brooks Bayne is a wild character on the Twitter. He's amassed nearly 100K 'followers' (that word is troubling; a 'follower' is not someone who actually subsumes oneself to a @person or @institute, but someone who might be mildly interested in casually seeing their tweets scroll past in their timeline. I prefer 'casually interested party' to 'follower'; that's how I would term my interest) and with that 100K follower clout, he pretty much runs wild. He picks up enemies and friends, sometimes changing between the two as I would change socks.

That enemy-friend dichotomy spilled out of the 'twitterverse' into blogworld. Somehow, Bayne became an enemy to and with Todd Kincannon, another wildcat who just so happens to have 'invented' a popular hashtag, #TGDN, that not only allows like-minded twits to connect, but encourages them to 'follow' each other, to their mutual advantage. Because, Leftists, as is their wont, came up with methodology to 'kill' or 'suspend' accounts of ideologically opposing tweeters, by using an unfortunate Twitter mechanism called 'Spam Blocking'. Turns out that if one has a decent number of 'followers' then this spam-blocking technique by these Liberal Fascist Leftists is harder to pull off.

Last April, I posted on a spam-blocking 'list' put our by @SubCultureStuff (today she's called kidding!). That list, first made public then hidden for the #StopRush assholes to enjoy, survives in it's entirety here (you're welcome!). There was some @Twitter bruhahah, and @SubCultureStuff was banished from the Twitter forever. But there's still a litter box full of nastiness associated with @CatsrImportant...perhaps more, much more, on her in a later post? I've had good reason to keep a very close eye on her.

Back to Today, and Brooks Bayne. Today, we see Brooks Bayne's blog "The Trenches" put out another hit on @ToddKincannon. This is where I come in.

I don't care much for Kincannon's wildly loose cannon, but I appreciate his remarkable effort in establishing #TGDN. That worked so well, the Left had to establish #UniteBlue as answer to it.

Oh, quickly, on Unite Blue. #UniteBlue is the invention of Zach Green  @140elect  @UniteBlue (yes, they are one), a far-Left ObamaBot who runs a 'Twitter Political Consulting' firm, tightly cash-wadded to #OFA - Organizing for Action, Obama's perpetual campaign machine. I watched the Unite Blue - OFA work in concerted action last night: they created, using Direct Messaging between bunches of well-connected far-Left twits, a 'TwitterLaunche' of a new hashtag #WeDemandAVote, where in just a day or so some 36K+ tweets were launched against Democratic and Republican Congressperps, demanding they vote to disarm Americans. These Leftists really want to take guns from the American people.

To make this #WeDemandAVote work, these organized OFA - Unite Blue assholes created 'egg' accounts ('eggs' are new Twitter accounts with only one or two tweets, no followers; they are of zero use or value, except to spam Congressperps). It seems that OFA also moved people who hadn't tweeted in years to tweet, just to push their radical anti-gun agenda. They roused some from near-death (see this 'Martha Thayer' gal, screen shot captured above, who hadn't tweeted since Nov 26 2011) to get out and tweet. Either OFA 'Organized' Martha, or someone hacked that old account. Unsurprising, if so; Democrats are known to enlist dead voters, so why not hack and involve old Twitter accounts?

Back to Brooks Bayne. I noticed in the RSS feed I keep in my RSS Reader of teh crazee kat lady mentioned above, this encounter... (click to enlarge)

What you see there are some of the worst of the far-Left banshees all gathered 'round, surrounding and fondling Brooks Bayne. There's nothing good what'll come of that group, that's a fact. You see in the midst of that mess a mention of my friend Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain, always a target of the hindmost far-left goons. I don't know if Bayne has turned on him or not. Can't keep up with this high school crap, really.

In any event, I left a comment on 'The Trenches', and of course it went into moderation. You KNOW what I do with comments that go into moderation, don't you! Last night's comment left on that Organizing for Action - Tennessee: "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville" post got screen captured, and it lives on. Just one post back.

Here's the comment left on "The Trenches", in case Brooks Bayne or his associates decide to not publish it...

So, that's done. Now I've other things to do.



  1. Good post-I recently learned this about Brooks personally as he deleted tweets to me and blog comments.

    However, it should be noted that Kincannon is also following the crazy cat 'lady'

  2. Neither of those two are shining examples of perfection (but who is?).

    Personally, I think TK is writing a book; his more radical tweets, and even the TGDN network itself, fodder for it?

    Perhaps TGDN will move on without him, if he proves burdensome. Recall the Mormons had to ditch Joseph Smith, and despite their shaky beginnings (got gold plates, anyone?), they've become one of the strongest and best family-first, community-strong religions still active. I've much respect for Mormons, really.

  3. I respect their committment but not their doctrine. I think the problem you've rightly identified here is folks placing too much store in Twitter 'personalities'. Only Christ deserves to be 'followed'. Just my two cents.


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