Sunday, February 24, 2013

Organizing For Action - Tennessee: "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville"

Organizing For Action - Tennessee (OFATN) trotted out "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville" as an example for all their well-Community-Organized mind-numbed robots: a 'real' Tennessean, a 'real' gun owner, a 'real' hunter is actually FOR Barack Obama's anti-Constitutional desires to strangle American citizen's gun rights!

"Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville" is certainly a rare bird. He's been given a sidearm as a prop (we know how much Obama enjoys using props, don't we?); supposedly he's a gun owner with a Concealed Carry Permit who somehow supports Barack Obama's grand scheme to further constrain our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

Guarantee this "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville" fellow is NOT an NRA member. If he was, I'd personally revoke his membership myself.

Let's take a closer look at this heavyset 'John P. of Knoxville" fellow, shall we? (click on the OFA TN screenshot for a larger view)... (h/t geoffb, who also linked this Weaselzippers post)

Firstly, the sticker on "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville"'s (borrowed from his mother?) truck window.

"Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville" is a Georgia Bulldog fan living in Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the University of Tennessee Volunteers. That immediately puts him at odds with some 95% of that town's inhabitants...there's no love lost between UT and UGA.

Next, we see "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville" is really, really overweight. That screams out he's not much of an active 'sportsman' (well, hunting 'birds' isn't really an arduous task, now is it?).

'Hunting birds' to this guy likely means shooting starlings from his back porch with a pellet gun, or perhaps he does manage to shoot dove one day a year with his single-shot 20 gauge (dove season always starts at Noon on September 1st, and oh! the exercise one gets by standing or sitting in a field for 4 hours! we can tell, "John P.", it ain't much).

Small birds, I'm thinking. "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville" doesn't look or seem much like he's a duck hunter; duck hunters always say 'duck' or 'goose' hunting when they speak of their sport, and they tend to look down at lowly 'small' 'bird' hunters (much like Barack Obama looks down at the majority of Tennesseans, because we kicked his ass twice now, didn't we? Oh, and also Albert Gore was smashed by his home State in 2000!).

That's the  big win for Organizing For Action - Tennessee (OFATN): finding a goober who would play along with their game. The reason they trotted out obese "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville"? because Barack Hussein Obama lost Tennessee twice (and he'd lose again, even worse next time, if somehow he could finagle a way to run again).

Obama's organizing minions of Organizing For Action - Tennessee are desperate to find someone seeming normal who will toe their far-Left ideological line long enough to get their picture taken, while seeming like a 'normal' gun owner. But "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville" is not a representative of gun owners, nor a representative of Tennessee (well, we'll give OFA-TN some of the larger city's inner-city blocs of well-Community-Organized voters who've been easily Community Organized with gifts of phones and other 'free' trinkets and promises of 'more to come', if only Barack Obama could wrest away from the 'evil rich' monies and goods they somehow earned but obviously don't deserve).

Quite a coup, for Organizing For Action - Tennessee (OFATN) to find an oaf who would demean himself like this "Gun Owner John P. of Knoxville" just did.

Oh, another reason I posted this tonight? I left a comment you see there in the screenshot for the Organizing Minions on the "Organizing For Action - Tennessee" web site. Of course, my comment went straight to moderation, and it will never see the light of day there. Except, it will!

How's about that, Organizing for Action - Tennessee? I posted my comment that I left on your crappy site right here, with the proof that I left it, and that you stifled it! You go to all that trouble to find some squirrelly bird-brain ready to demean himself, and you won't allow my comments for him?

Not posting my comment? That's not gonna cut it in Tennessee, Obama-sheepboys of Organizing for Action - Tennessee! You just found yourself shined and spotlighted with the bright beam of an empowered blogger who decided to include himself on your home astroturf.

I did what you recommended: I did ACT! And I am Empowered! I am now Included~!

Oh, and this:

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