Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The BIG Slice: "Why I Am No Longer A Republican."

Hate it when my comments go into moderation at Lefty hell-holes, this one a new "Stolen Slice of America, as directed by chief Dirty Socialist in Chief Barack Obama".

"The Big Slice", "Why I Am No Longer A Republican." Rubbish. Reminds of that bobbler Charles Johnson's Little Green Flounce, when he decided he wanted to attract a nice fresh slice of liberal...PIE!.

My reply to "Heather1381" (doesn't matter if they publish it or not, now does it?)...
Your problem? You made mistakes. You chose poorly. So, anyone and everyone else is to blame! Your expectations became, that you somehow deserve other people's money, other people's care and sympathy, just because you screwed up and you feel bad about it?

Sorry, but there's plenty of exemplar people who did and do screw up, and then turn their thinking mind's eye inwards to discover what strengths they have, what innate strength of character they can mine, and what are the methods they can use to better themselves and still retain some shred of personal dignity. To live your life bitter because your expectations that others should fulfill your needs, and because they didn't you lash out, is disgusting to me, and should be shameful to you.

I'm glad you finally found peace, if you want to call your needy mindset that. But please, don't blame a political Party for your own personal screw ups. Our Constitution wasn't written to guarantee you happiness and peace of mind, but to allow you opportunity to excel if you are capable. Your newly adopted far-Left Democrat party is but a collective of dirty Socialists who expect others to provide that what they haven't earned and don't deserve.

The "Big Slice". Indeed.

Oh, @BigSlice1, Welcome to blogging. )

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